Monday Meals and Miles!!

Today I had five miles on deck-well, technically tomorrow but we have curriculum night at my youngest daughter’s school at 6:30 so I knew I needed to get it done.  My mind has been in a million places, and I hoped and prayed this run would help clear my head, and my heart. 

Before running I decided to make a yummy carb filled dinner.  As many of you know, I am not a big carb eater, but am trying to fuel up for this weekend.  An always well-known fact is that although I am addicted to cook books and magazines with recipes, I NEVER follow a recipe exactly.  I read the information to help me be a better cook, and get ideas for my own meals. 

So tonight I sautéed 4 cloves of garlic, and a handful of baby portabella mushrooms which I sliced evenly over a pan of hot extra virgin olive oil.  I seasoned the mixture with kosher salt, pepper, and herbs de Provence.  (sp?)

While everything was getting lightly browned, I boiled some water for the pasta and chopped up the chicken thighs.  I added the chicken to the pan, and seasoned it as well.  Once nearly cooked I added about 4 dollops of greek yogurt and a teaspoon of creamy horseradish.  I let this simmer until the noodles were ready, and incorporated everything together.  Lastly, I topped it with freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and mixed on last time.  YUM!  The only thing I would have changed is adding whole wheat pasta instead, but unfortunately I was out…

I let my meal settle for an hour (only had a small portion) and got ready to run.

Something felt different in this one…As my miles were behind me, my speed picked up…I would have doubted my running app, but I know the course far too well as it’s my “near home course” that I do in a pinch when I can’t drive to the trails.  I knew at mile 4 I needed to slow down to  make it up the last hill, LOL!

Elevation loss
1.00 mi
9:7 min/mi
6.58 mph
16 ft
13 ft
2.00 mi
9:32 min/mi
6.29 mph
0 ft
29 ft
3.00 mi
8:10 min/mi
7.34 mph
29 ft
9 ft
4.00 mi
6:54 min/mi
8.69 mph
9 ft
16 ft
5.00 mi
9:12 min/mi
6.52 mph
32 ft
0 ft
5.65 mi
9:0 min/mi
6.66 mph
0 ft
16 ft


I kept saying this had to be a fluke…truly…I haven’t ran a 7 minute mile since I was about 21 years old.  WOW. 

This helped me mentally, and physically…amazing how runs can do that…
had to capture this sunrise…breathtaking indeed!

Thanks as always for the amazing support…may you all feel as blessed as I do every single day.


❤ Chelle

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