In one week I will perform in my longest race to date.  I have trained for this mileage, but not without illness or injury.  So this post is dedicated to my sister who will be my cheering squad the entire way.  Between her, and my running buddies, I know I can finish.
Her blog can be found at:http://zeroto26point2.blogspot.com/

With that being said, Bobbi…this is what I request from you…
our last race, in Schaumburg, IL

When I want to quit…don’t let me. 

When I want to cry…make me laugh.

When my legs want to give out…give my mind the added boost to keep going.

When my heart says no…tell me yes…because you have done this so many times already.

When my knee/IT band ache, let me stretch, but don’t let me give up…

When the sweat bears down and creates tears in my eyes, help me find my smile. 

When I want to give up, remind me that just last November I ran/walked a mile, and could barely finish two miles. 

When I say I hate running, remind me that I truly love it more than most anything. 

When I am quiet, focused, and in the zone, know your presence helps me SOO much. 

I have run this course so many times I can barely count…yet each time I run the Fox River trails I find something new to relish in and about…Help me continue to see this next Sunday. 


Stay by my side…don’t let me quit, and know how much you mean to me…We may not always see eye to eye, but we are bonded in sisterhood, and I feel blessed to say I am running another race with YOU. 


This post, is dedicated to my sister.  Who ran her first FULL marathon in 2010.  I hope to follow in her footsteps.  Xoxo

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  1. I know you're nervous but you can do it! The only thing I worry about is the weather. I want cold, baby, cold! 😉 Less than a month & you will be rocking it, girlie.


  2. It is amazing to have such support as you do from your sister. I am sure you are as much a strength to her as she is to you! I cheer you all the way, Michelle! I know you can do it!!! And WILL!! xoxo


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