20 Mile Madness…COMPLETE!!!

As most of you know I have been struggling all week with a sinus infection, therefore unable to run any of my short runs.  But this morning I KNEW I needed to get my 20 miles in, mentally, and physically.

I attempted to go to bed at 9 last night, and tossed and turned for 2 hours.  I wasn’t feeling well, and was nervous to say the least.  But my clothes were set out, and my alarm was set.  Nothing was going to stop me from finishing this milestone with my running group. 

I arrived at Dick Pond promptly at 6:15 a.m. and was greeted by other runners.  I met up with my new running buddy and friend, Kyla, and we decided to head into the store to browse for a few minutes.  She forgot her compression sleeves, so she bought a set and let me use the extra one for my right leg.  I am not sure if it made a difference or not, but we looked pretty darn cool with matching sleeves. J
Kyla and I at the start!

We started out strong with the 11 minute mile pace group and held strong until about the ten mile mark when we stopped for a pottie stop.  After refueling with my second shot blok and salt and suddenly felt like I was going to lose it.  Yes, lose it as in throw up…so we slowed down, walked some, and I regained my composure. 

Most of our runs have been filled with laughter, singing, and just all around fun.  But this run was different.  We were both focused, and hurting (me so more than her) and by mile 18 I wanted to give up.  Mentally I was screwed, and physically I was just wanted to crawl on a park bench and cry.  But Kyla cheered me on through my near tears, and although we had to walk the last ¼ mile, we finished.  20:05 miles in 4 hours and 3 minutes. 

WE DID IT!!!  Am I mentally ready for 26.2?  Gosh, don’t ask me that today…I wish I could say YES…but I know once I feel better I will regain my confidence. 
Us, at the finish, 92 degrees and HOT!


The race coordinators of the Fox Valley marathon and all of these training runs have completely changed my life.  They’ve renewed my love for running more than I ever thought imaginable, and they’ve given me the support I needed to get this far in my training. 
The best group of runners I know!!!!!

Thanks to you ALL who continually support and cheer me on through this crazy journey…I love you all dearly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 thoughts on “20 Mile Madness…COMPLETE!!!”

  1. It's sooooo cool you've got a great group to run with……I had a really small group of teammates when I was training for Boston, but now I'm training by myself. I miss the group!So proud of you for getting it done!!!!!! Now put your feet up and relax a little!


  2. It is nice to have running buddies to pull you through on those tough days when you really want to quit. I run alone most of the time but really enjoy the company of others when the opportunity is there. Great job on the 20! That's a really tough one!!


  3. you're ready girl! mentally you just have to tell yourself that your body knows what to do and to not over think it, just live the experience!i'll be out at the fv marathon cheering on one of the runners i coach, hopefully i'll see you! i know they have a whole slew of events going on, which event are you participating in?


  4. GREAT JOB, especially in the heat! That's so awesome to have a group to do long runs with. I wish I had that, especially with 18 coming up this week and a 20 in just a couple weeks.You're going to do great!


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