Tuesday, tapering, tid bits and triumphs…

I have spent the better part of 6 months training to become a runner again…

This hasn’t come without falls, heartbreak, or trials…

But this week starts my tapering, and I am giving myself extra days to recoup while allowing my knee to rest. 

I will run tomorrow for National Runners day…GO US! 

I have hit road blocks in life…

But this week I feel like I am taking steps forward. 

My children are now 1st and 7th graders…really?

I will run this race Saturday with the best of my ability….

IPod in tow, and I will let the music and scenery take me where I need go…

I will continue to ice my knees, relish in my family and friends,

And focus on the finish line. 

I may not always finish strong…but I ALWAYS-FINISH. 

May Mother Nature give me a break…her 90 degree forecast has me nervous already. 

I spent nearly 30 minutes today on my new hammock, a gift from my husband…

And I re-found my peace amidst the breeze, the trees, and the birds singing. 

He may not read these blogs, but may he know of my love for him…

My life is truly blessed. 

My Tazo tea is prepared for tomorrow, and I look forward to another day of hard work,


And striving for my goals…

Thanks, for all of your support…

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