Unspoken blessings–T-7 days until my race…WOW

I had wondered when I started this journey would I be able to finish?  Crazy knee, IT band, hammy issues all chalked up to 30 years of running have taken their toll on my body. 

But I have worked hard…through long days at work, to kids needing my attention, and even to holidays like today where I’d have much rather been chilling with my girls-I RAN.  Some weeks were better than others, but here I am at the tail end of training for my second half marathon and I couldn’t be prouder.

My girls literally made my day by waking me up with their make shift breakfast of bacon and lemon water for me…I came down stairs and they even put a Happy Mother’s Day sign up for me.  My husband although not here physically, sent me a beautiful locket to remind me how much he appreciates me…/sigh!

I finished the day with my last long run before the race…and it went amazing!  Thanks to my dear friend Carolyn for keeping me going!  These last 4 months have been tough, but I am blessed to have made new friends that help me keep going even when I want to quit!

I do so much on my own, but I am thankful for my amazing cheerleaders on the sidelines.  Ya’ll rock. 



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