Wednesday WOOP WOOP

Wednesday WOOP WOOP

I drove to work today knowing tonight was my first “run date” and I couldn’t help but to smile.  Was I smiling because the air was crisp, and the sunrise was beautiful?  Quite possibly…I drove along the expressway jamming out to Linkin Park, and I just felt, well, good. 

We all have our aches, pains, and injuries, but I still couldn’t help but to feel giddy knowing tonight I wasn’t going to run alone. 

And the run was everything I had hoped for and more.  I met my friend just past 6 p.m. by the bridge in Geneva, and after a nice welcome hug and hello’s we took off on our run.  For the first time I left my headphones in my Jeep!  My Garmin shit the bed, so we stopped at the quarter mile mark and started my phone app so we could track our distance and pace.  I put my phone away in my shirt pocket, and didn’t take it out again until we hit our turn around mark.  It was nice to just run, chat, and not worry about pace/time/distance.  Did my knee bug me?  Yup…but I adjusted my form and we continued on with our run.  We stopped around the 3.5 mile mark to walk and catch our breath, and in the end I felt wonderful!  I now know why I was so jealous of seeing people run together…not only did I feel the bliss of being out in the beautiful weather, I now had a friend to share it with tonight!  My only regret is we forgot to take a picture together!  But we have a run planned for Sunday, so we hope to make up for it!  Thanks, Carolyn for catching this shot!

I hope to get more miles in Friday, but am taking things slow and easy because my ½ is just NEXT WEEKEND.  Holy shite!  LOL

In the end, isn’t this is what life is all about?  Embracing our lives, passions, and the people who inspire us?  Even on my hardest day I smile through it all because I have come so far, and am beyond blessed with amazing memories, people, and everything in between! 

May you all feel as blessed as I do at this very moment. 


9 thoughts on “Wednesday WOOP WOOP”

  1. So awesome that you got to meet someone new and have found a new running buddy! I have met some of my now dearest friends through running. It is such a wonderful feeling! Have a great day!


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