Sunday Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is day number 10 of my lifestyle change.  I of course was nervous for my run today, and probably stayed up a bit too late last night ‘planning’ the course I was going to take and making sure all of my favorite running clothes were clean.  But I slept nearly 5 hours straight before waking up to use the restroom, and was able to fall back asleep for a few more hours.  I was nervous when I woke up to an achy knee, but I wasn’t going to let it stop me today.  Yesterday was a rough one, and I refused to have a repeat of those feelings. 

So I ate a small breakfast, settled the girls and took a short drive in my Jeep to the trails that start here in St. Charles.   I found a perfect starting point, and decided although I didn’t know my exact turn around point I would run until I hit around 4+ miles and then turn around.  The trails in St. Charles are curvier, with slight hills but the sun was on my face and the wind was on my back so after the first mile I felt myself picking up my pace.  “Not too quickly” I kept telling myself, but the music was in my ears, and the scenery was gorgeous. 

Here I was…running with the chilly Chicago-land wind blowing all around, but I just didn’t care.  This is where I am free…on the trails without a care in the world.  I ran all the way to the outskirts of Batavia.  The wind caught my visor once and blew it off, but I just grabbed it and kept going.  It messed up my breathing, but only for a few minutes.  Once I turned around I felt the wind slapping me in the face, but I had come too far to quit now.  I had a bit of trouble breathing, but everything else felt great so between the open paths and the trees I found a bit of solace. 

Once I hit the paths in Geneva I knew I was home free.  I had two miles to go, and nothing was going to stop me.  St. Charles was just ahead, so I gunned it…and yeah…clocked my 8.25 in 1:21.  I have a goal to hit a sub 2:00 ½ next month, but am being realistic as well.  This will be my second ½, and really just want to break the 2:19 mark of my last one. 
Notice my swollen fingers, lol

I came home, and tried to give my eldest a hug…she exclaimed “Mom, you STINK!!!”  LOL, so I quickly took a shower and the girls and I went out for lunch and to Target…

It was a really nice day, and I spent the better part of my evening prepping my meals for the week.  I boiled 14 eggs, and made a crock pot full of chicken for salads and meals. 
Marinated chicken in garlic and adobo/fajita seasoning-small amount of kosher salt and pepper


Added my chicken to these yummy ingrediants and cooked on high for 4 hours.  Turned it down to low for the last hour!  YUM!

I truly have the best cheerleaders ever in life…It helps with my husband gone and busy, so for that I thank you all.  Xoxo!!

10 miles last weekend and then taper time, wow, where had the time gone?!?

17 thoughts on “Sunday Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. YUM! You're in danger of me showing up at your house with an empty bowl, Oliver Twist style! Great job on the 8 miler!! (i have a friend pacing the half you are going to run…i will have to find out what time group she is pacing. )


  2. ok…Now I'm so hungry……..and I want that green sweater!!! so good to hear about all your great runs and lifestyle changes! It shows in your smile…keep it up! I think a sub 2 is very doable for you!


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