Random facts for Wednesday

1.       I look back often on where I have been, and where I am now.  10 years ago I lived in a trailer home on Scott AFB.  This home cost me less than a car costs now a days.  But I loved that home, and showed pride in how I kept this home as it was a new start for me and my first born child. 

2.      I thought I would struggle for a long time after I retired from the Air Force last year.  I wondered “what hat” I would wear each day and where I would be without my uniform.  Yet here I am, learning new things every day in my civilian career, and I feel more blessed than words can describe despite the plethora of hard work. 

3.      When I was 18 I never thought I would graduate college.  NEVER.  Yet I now possess an MBA, and pray I get to use the knowledge in the future.

4.      I will never grow tired of the smell of fresh cut grass, the air after rain, or a good run just before sunset. 

5.      Just yesterday I ran my fastest mile in 20 years.  I found inspiration in my daily struggles, and I kept pushing knowing I could break a sub 9 minute mile. 
My new Kicks!


6.      Sometimes we would rather have people accomplish things FOR us, rather than DO things ourselves…yet I have found a new found passion for planting my own gardens, improving my home, and entertaining my children. 
Our new deck, in progess!
7.      One of my happiest times of the day is driving my youngest to school.  She smiles, sings, and dances to the music at the wee hours of the morning.   I may loath mornings, but she takes away the painful urge to crawl back into bed with her gorgeous smile. 

8.      My eldest is becoming a lady…she’s growing up before my eyes…nearly 13 years old she is almost as tall as me, and can give me the warmest hug just when I need some comfort.

9.      I love to write…I love to learn…and I love to share my past with others so that just MAYBE they can learn from my mistakes. 

10.    I am on a new found path of health and wellness.  It’s been 2 weeks with (almost) no alcohol or caffeine.  I did fall off the wagon the other night, but I have crawled back on and am being smart with my health again.  (Please, hide the chocolate!!)

11.  You can’t help those that don’t want to be helped.  You can’t fix other people’s problems unless they want to help carve their own path.  But you can take every experience, and you can learn from those in your life. 

12.  There are days when I feel overwhelmed, stressed, hurt, and emotional.  But all it takes is a phone call from a good friend or family member to turn things around…

13.  Life…is short.  I’ve loved, lost, and been hurt more times than I can count.  But I will continue to plant my own garden, build my own future, and run my own race. 

May you all feel as blessed as I do each and every day.  Our past may lay the stones for the path on which we walk…but the decisions we make today will pave the path we choose to travel. 

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