Fan-tab-ulous Friday…Why yes…

I will first like to note that yes, I know I’ve had more than my fair share of bad days lately.  Those that took the time to read my blog, comment, call, and show concern-OMG thank you.  Although I had hoped to be used to taking care of the kids on my own, I now know that no one gets used to being without their best friend, spouse, soul mate, and father of their children. 

A small caveat to this is that I’ve lived a very hard life.  I’ve been through more than most nearly 40 year olds…Just 10 years ago I lived in an old trailer home located on Scott AFB.  But even then, I did it with a pride I’ve seen in few.  I spent hours in my yard and garden, and had it decorated immaculately.  I was recently divorced and a single Mom, but I had great friends and had a new found belief in MYSELF. 

I moved with my then 3 year old daughter, Jordyn to Alaska to venture on to new and exciting journeys while being stationed in Anchorage.  I worked hard, saved, and got myself out of debt in order to buy our first home.  It was a beautiful townhouse in Anchorage, and I will always have fond memories of this home.  I met Brian just 8 months after arriving in Alaska, and I loved him from the first time his eyes met mine.  I tried to fight it, told him I’d never marry again and that the only thing I could offer was a causal relationship.  Yet just a few weeks later I knew in my heart of hearts I was in love and couldn’t spend a day of my life without him.  He left a few months later for Afghanistan, and our love affair only developed.  Just a month after his arrival home nearly a year later, we were engaged and married in November of 2004. 

Although yes this may sound like a complete fairy tale, I can attest to the fact that we struggled for quite a few years.  Financially, emotionally, and even physically when my health started to fade after the birth of my youngest.  And this is where my love affair for running was reborn. 

I decided on a whim to run the San Antonio ½ marathon in late September.  The race was in November.  But I needed it…I needed SOMETHING for me and me alone.  And I did it-without walking which was my goal-in 2:19. 

Now, 5 years later and a marathon entry that I didn’t complete under my belt-I know this year is mine…My husband may not be here to support me, but he does in his own special way.  I continue to train, to fight, and to push forward even while he is away.  I take care of our home, our kids, but refuse to let my goals surpass me this time. 

So after feeling pretty run down the last couple weeks I succumbed to taking a day off work, which I never do…but I knew it was needed.   Soph wanted to go to Kinder care, so I dropped her off and went for a beautiful run. 

I then came home to find THIS on my door step.  WOWOWOWOWOW!  He wanted to cheer me up…sigh…

J and I went to see the Hunger games as a Mommy/daughter date, and we had a blast.  We finished the night with Red Robin and chilling at home.

I should be cleaning, but I am letting myself relax.  I have learned over these last few months that my support system is amazing be it from lifelong friends, or friends I have never even physically met…and my folks and sister do amazing at always checking on me. 

Tomorrow is my 7 miles…SEVEN…may sound small to some, but I am nervous!  Thank you Bobbi for driving down to run with me!!!!  XOXO!!!

8 thoughts on “Fan-tab-ulous Friday…Why yes…”

  1. Your story brought a smile to my face……and I know you're gonna rock that run today!!!!Can't wait to read about it, but I have to get my run in now…so I'll check in later for your report.Go, Michelle, go!!!!!!P.S. I'm not a robot (hate that verification thingie!)


  2. Some days are just hard, but you are a rockin' awesome mom and wife! Kudos to your hubs for doing what he can to cheer you on from far away. I hope your 7-miler went well!


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