Sunday Summation

This weekend went by with a whirlwind.  It seems crazy that I am writing this on Sunday night, for it feels I was just sitting in this spot on Friday! 

Recap of last week’s runs/workouts:


Tuesday-long run of 5 miles in 51:00


Thursday-2.6 miles in 26:00

Friday was supposed to run, but little one wasn’t feeling well

Saturday-scheduled for a 5K but due to rain made it 2.58 in 24:00 (darn this would’ve been a PR!)

Saturday did some fitness-200 sit-ups, 65 pushups, and 4 sets of IT band exercises (30 each)

Sunday I walked, walked, and walked some more.  I walked around 4 miles, but not sure the time. 

My goal was to hit 4 runs minimum this week, but I fell short due to…well, life.  Hoping next week I can fit 4 runs in! 

Yet today I can’t complain about not running, because my neighbors invited me to their son’s Confirmation brunch, and then this evening to see his band play at a local venue.  As some of you know, I have put myself in the antisocial box for a good 6 years…Knowing this is something I did to myself, I have been trying to ‘get back out there’ and not hide within the walls of my home as I did while living in Texas.  So I’ve been saying “Yes” to invites, and getting out and about to enjoy our new life and honestly have no regrets. 
Great music!

After 20 years of wearing a uniform I have a new found love for shoes and clothes.  It is currently my new weakness!  Argh!  Thankfully I shop wisely, but I am finding it to be a bit of an addiction!!!  LOL!!  Thank goodness I have two girls who also love to shop, so we have been keeping busy while Brian is gone.  Yesterday we were able to start on the girl’s spring wardrobe, and today we went shoe shopping and I was able to purchase a few new shirts for myself!  I also snuck on the MAC website, and replenished some very old make-up that needed replacing!  YAY!  And free shipping included!!  I love to bargain shop, but also believe in quality. 
Sophia and her new shoes!

First topless Jeep ride this spring

I hope everyone has a great week! 

6 thoughts on “Sunday Summation”

  1. what a cute picture of the 3 of you!(side note…my wedding dress was in a taped and preserved box also…after 16 and a half years I decided to open that baby up and see how well it was preserved….not bad I guess….now I will have to see what happens to it the next few years since its not as tightly wrapped any more) 😉


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