Sisterly Saturday Splits!

I normally get my long run out of the way during the week so I can relax with the girls on the weekend, but today I was blessed that my sister called in the middle of the week to schedule not only time together BUT also that she would do my long run with me!  Admittedly I was terrified completely nervous, especially after not getting a very good night’s sleep in, but I got up and started hydrating as well as eating breakfast and a snack of a protein bar a couple hours later. 

I had a pasta dinner prepared for our post run, and everything was in order when she and her family arrived.  I had already gotten ready with running clothes donned, but I of course still wore my beloved slippers until it was time to throw on the ‘kicks.
my slippers rock, oh yeah!

Keep in mind first, that my sister is on an advanced training plan as she is a seasoned marathoner.  I myself, although a seasoned runner, am NOT seasoned at racing.  The ½ marathon in May will only be my second, and the Chicago marathon in October is my very first.  But she was sweet enough to scale back for me today, and what a blessing it truly was to run with my SISTER!!!  I nearly cried when I saw how far we ran, and at what an amazing pace/splits.  And to hear her say, “You are going strong,” and motivating me with stories and tips, I knew I could keep running!  I only stopped around the 4.24 mile mark when we hit the HILL FROM HELL.  She was trucking up that hill like a mad woman, and I did my best to keep up!  But once we gave it our all I realized OH CRAP, I need to stop and catch my breath and stretch!  We stopped briefly for about a minute and regained our pace.  Then we hit the last couple of miles which usually suck-and we kicked it up!!!  We rocked it!!!!!
Love this woman!

My sister has her hands full with four kids, and had a full schedule of dental appointments this morning with the family yet she took the time today to run WITH ME.  I am on cloud nine now, even with aching feet and all around a bit tired.  But after a bunch of self-doubt of, “Can I DO this?”  And “Am I freaking crazy?”  She helped show me that I CAN, if I simply listen to my body and never, ever quit. 

We finished 7.8 miles in 1:20, and our splits were amazing for me!  10:19, 10:35, 10:29, 10:38 (HILL FROM HELL), 10:30, 10:04, 10:03, 7:36 splits!!!

Thanks to my beloved sister, and all of my amazing supporters that comment and post on my FB to help keep me in line…You guys are the best!!!

19 thoughts on “Sisterly Saturday Splits!”

  1. Bill, you are awesome! I love reading all your comments and support! My sister lives just over an hour away, but we are really trying to coordinate more runs together! Running alone for long runs is hard on me.


  2. What?? You and Bobbi are sisters?? How did I miss that?One of my brothers is my running/biking/racing partner in crime, and I HATE that he lives 7 hours away now.


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