It’s almost Friday!!!

I wasn’t going to write tonight…for Thursday is one of my favorite days of the week and I was left feeling bubble gut after a few sleepless nights and didn’t want to bring anyone down. 

I got home from work after barely being able to hold my eyes open, and fed the girls an easy dinner of chicken nuggets, fruit, and rice crackers.  I had a protein meal bar as I was nervous about my tummy.  I asked them to please let Mommy just rest on her recliner for a few moments, because I really wanted to run this evening.  Bless my girls, after a bit of arguing during dinner they retired to the couch to watch a movie so I could lie down and just try and regroup.  I relaxed quietly in my recliner (my FAVORITE spot) and had classical music playing quietly in the background.  The birds were chirping noisily, and I loved it.  My home truly is my place of peace.  I was able to nod off for about 20 minutes, and I collected myself and changed into my running clothes. 

I wish I had some extravagant run to report, but I simply ran through my neighborhood alone, with my music and the birds quietly keeping me company.  I was shooting for 3 miles, but ran out of daylight.  So I satisfied myself with 2.6 miles at around a 10 minute pace and was pleased none the less.  Tomorrow I hope to get at least a couple more miles in, as we have a busy weekend planned as usual. 

But my lesson from today is that no matter how hard the day, how tired I may be, I was able to dig deep and at least get my butt out there and run.  I took a fellow runners advice and put Vaseline on my aching toes, and I feel like it made a difference. 

I got a new knee brace today.  Mind you I have tried, bought, and experimented with every knee brace out there.  Yet the other day I decided to “go back to my roots” and get an updated version of the brace I used in ’07.  What a difference I think it made!  It’s by “Pro-tec” and is called “The Lift.”  It stabilizes and reduces strain to the patellar tendon, as well as gives the support of a sleeve.  LOVE!  I wish I could have gone a mile or two more.  Although I got my technical “long run” in on Tuesday, I know hope to plan better and get these in when I have more time.  Although my training plan has me at 4 miles this week, and 5 next for my long run, I am trying to work a little harder and maybe get 6 in and stay ahead of the game.  Those of you that know me know I am NOT a procrastinator, and work my hardest to get things done early, and done right.  With my crazy right leg I won’t push things too hard, but plan on making sure I am ready for my Half in May and my FULL in the fall.  Today I was supposed to do 3, and fell a bit short so I am hoping to make up for it this weekend. 

Lastly, I finally got to have a nice conversation with my husband.  Although he isn’t feeling well, we were able to chat for almost 30 minutes, and it refreshed me in ways I can’t explain.  He truly is my rock, and to hear him say, “Nice pace, babe!” made my heart sing. 

Happy soon to be Friday everyone…may you all have a blessed weekend. 

8 thoughts on “It’s almost Friday!!!”

  1. Thanks Michelle 🙂 hope you have a great weekend too! Sorry I suck at visiting. I've been pretty much not reading blog lately (such a sin) Love that 10 min pace on your run! great job and glad you got it in 🙂


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