Wednesday’s 39 things…

39 things

1.      I enlisted in the Air Force at the age of 17 with my parents signatures as I wasn’t 18 yrs. old

2.      I have fished in dozens of lakes, to include the waters of Canada, with great joy.

3.      I was raised as a tom boy, and enjoyed skeet shooting and snowshoeing with my Father.

4.      I left home, at the age of 18, a child, and found my new home at the age of 38 in St. Charles.

5.      I endured basic training, tech school, and continued to serve the Air Force for 20 years, retiring at the age of 38.

6.      I traveled the roads of the United States, living on both coasts, to include Florida, the D.C. area, southern Illinois, Alaska, and Texas. 

7.      I performed autopsies on fallen service members, both veterans and active duty-forever honoring their lives and service.

8.      I had my first poem published nearly 12 years ago.

9.      I married, and divorced.  And remarried again taking the leap of faith. 

10.  I survived being a single Mom, and believe I did an amazing job.

11.  I walked along the Vietnam Wall in D.C. with my Father, and again alone, and will never forget these moments.

12.  I traveled to the top of the St. Louis Arc, and was in awe of the beauty of this wonderful city.

13.  I fell in love, truly, for the first time at the age of 30.

14.  I stopped drinking boxed wine and moved up to bottles. 

15.  I hugged Mickey Mouse while at Disney Land in California.

16.  I survived nearly a year deployment from my then boyfriend, now husband, and can say it was the toughest year of my life. 

17.  I traveled to Mexico for my honeymoon, and loved every second. 

18.  I’ve eaten sushi, caviar, and amazing Chicago hot dogs.  I can’t decide which is my favorite cuisine.

19.  I ran my first ½ marathon in 2007 in San Antonio Texas, after only training for 7 weeks.

20.  My first 5K was years earlier, coming in first in my age group. 

21.  I bought my first home in/around 2000, and it was a trailer home located on Scott AFB, IL. 

22.  I’ve been blessed to have witness several Broadway shows.  My favorite is still Phantom of the Opera. 

23.  I’ve swam in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, to include the Gulf of Mexico and loved the blissful feeling being in the water can give a person. 

24.  I gave birth to two beautiful daughters…even after they (who is they) said it wasn’t possible. 

25.  I started my journey of college when my eldest daughter was the mere age of one years old. 

26.  I completed this degree in 2008, 7 years later. 

27.  I learned the meaning of true friendship, and the effort it takes to be a true friend.

28.  I started the journey of my Graduate degree in 2009, and I WILL graduate with my MBA in Healthcare Management NEXT week.

29.  I have over 40 articles and recipes published on the internet. 

30.  I bought my dream vehicle-a Jeep Wrangler in 2011. 

31.  WE bought our dream home, as well in 2011, in the quaint town of St. Charles, IL.

32.  I fought back against those who said I couldn’t, and I DID, finding an amazing job after I retired. 

33.  I registered for my first full marathon with my sister, as well as a ½ and 20 miler set for 2012. 

34.  I spent the summer of 2011 feeding the ducks with my daughters, while playing in the park, cooking for my family, and taking as many long rides in the jeep as possible. 

35.  I bought my first bike in over 25 years, and renewed my love for exercise and outdoors. 

36.  I fell in love with my husband all over again, watching him chase his dreams. 

37.  After years of heartache, I rebuilt broken relationships with my parents, and I can now thankfully call them both friends. 

38.  I said goodbye to loved ones, and fought with regret for the 20 years that were lost. 

39.  And lastly, I find myself getting to know myself, all over again.  Through running, writing, music, my family, and my new career.   May the next 39 years be as blessed and fulfilled. 

19 thoughts on “Wednesday’s 39 things…”

  1. WOW you are such a strong woman!!!!! I love that you found me 🙂 I was basically the opposite – I always have others looking after me. I should've left and joined the army


  2. May the next 39 years be as wonderfully full filling at the first.BTW, my sister & brother in law are former Air Force in San Antonio. They live in Cibolo. Her name is Deborah Smith & the hubs is Mark. He ran the San Antonio half one year, I believe….


  3. I walked along the Vietnam Wall too and it was very sad to see how many persons lost their lives there.I was born in 1956 and I remember very well the last years of war. I left my silver cross at the Memorial.


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