Tinkerings…on Tuesday…

I found my night blessed with a conversation from someone who knows me better than almost anyone.  I was feeling low, old, and just plain ugly.  Is this normal?  Yeah…although I know my inner beauty outweighs my outer shell often times I wonder where the time went.
I admittedly will apologize in advance for this pity party post.  But I am feeling it, so I will share. 

I remember back to days where my best friend and I would walk into the VFW and be the life of the party.  Spice Girls would immediately start playing on the turn table and we would smile and laugh, and dance.  We had the energy of 16 year old girls, and loved life and all the troubles that accompanied our journey. 

Fast forward nearly 20 years, and the friendship is still as strong as steel.  Yet we two, share the sadness of growing older and missing our youngers days and energy.  WHERE has time gone?  Our conversations still hold wonderful meaning, yet are filled with talk of kids, husbands, and time spent maintaining our households while trying to keep US the women we once were.  We are no longer 20-30, now nearing 40 and our hearts break in unison. 

Yet we run, we work out, and we strive the be the best parents and wives possible while holding on to the wonderful friendship we were blessed with almost 20 years ago.  We share journeys of hardship, depression, and pushing forward.  Only a phone call away and time, is lost.  We can recall memories, laugh, and cry sharing moments only we can share. 

My two Air Force sisters, pictured above, are my heart and soul. 

I run for them, for me, and for my future. 

My work out tonight sucked…but my night ended beautifully with a conversation and recalling memories. 

May we all, be this blessed. 

Thanks…to those who know, love, and continue to support me. 


10 thoughts on “Tinkerings…on Tuesday…”

  1. I can relate to the whole turning 40 soon. I am having a tough time with it too. The only thing I know is my 30s have been the best time of my life so I am hoping my 40s will be even better. There are days I wish I could go back in time and change the past, but I like to think the things that happen in the past happen for a reason and make you who you are today. I guess that saying live each day as it is your last really means something.


  2. I am quickly approaching 40 as well. I am noticing more and more lines and gray hairs. I swear I don't feel this OLD!I am glad you were able to have a good chat. Everyone tells me you have to have a bad run once in a awhile.


  3. OK girlie…I just turned 43 a couple of weeks ago! 40's aren't so bad….I would never go back and do a year over…much smarter, wiser, etc….However, the body/hormones are a changing and my mind doesn't want it too. Oh the tug of war with in ourselves. I think we need a pity post now and then to make the Party Posts so FUN! ha!


  4. hey I know that my responses to comments don't get emailed (it makes me crazy) but anyway…thank you for your comment! I appreciate it. I am lazy on the working out lately. I need a plan. I do better with a plan. So my current one is for the next 40ish days to workout. Keep your chin up beautiful lady!


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