I woke up today like any other day…tired, but ready to tackle the day.  Got me and my little one ready for school and poured my coffee in to my travel cup.  After pouring it, I realized it leaked all over from the carafe, and had to clean up a huge mess.  Ok, we were ready to get out the door on time. 
1.  I forgot my breakfast/lunch in the fridge due to the mess.  Bah.
2.  Made it not even a mile down the road, took a sip of coffee and realized I didn’t screw the cap on tight.  Spilled all over my khaki dress pants.  SHIT. 
3.  Turned around to head home to change. 
4.  Got back in the Jeep and pulled out of the garage…GAS LIGHT lit up.  Double SHIT. 
5.  Stopped for gas, now 15 minutes behind schedule.  BAAAHHH…

Got to work and settled in.  And then the comments, quirks and blah of my coworkers just plain stung.  NO I AM NOT THE PAST SUPERVISOR.  Give me a darn chance.   If I hear her name again, yes, I may lose it. 
Yet had my meeting with my Director and Manager and they calmed my nerves. All was well and I kept on kickin’ it. Busy busy day, but we got it done. 

So I left work after doing 6 frozen section procedures in around 30 minutes (yes, I pat myself on the back for being good at this), and realized I was 20 minutes running late.

I got around a mile away from work and got a call, reminding me I forgot to meet the gentleman that was to give me the plaque I bid on that my father made.  SHIT again…So I turned around and happily paid for my wonderful Father’s work. 

Picked up my punkin from daycare and she instantly asked, “are we going to the gym??”  She loves the gym, lol…love her. 
I was tired, eyes hurt from crying, but “Yes,” I said…we are going to the gym…

On our way, I asked her how many miles Mommy should run.  1-6 I told her, pick a number. 
She said.  SIX. 

Didn’t think I could do it.  Self doubt, failure, you name it was looming.  But I dropped her off in the daycare room and climbed on the treadmill.  I warmed up for 2 minutes and set the timer and speed. 

And, I ran.  I had my newly made play list of P!NK, Linkin Park, Adele, and many others playing loudly in my ear.  When I first started I had the goal of 6, but second guessed myself and said I’d be satisfied with 3.  I started to second guess myself…
But then the music played in my ears, and my heart…I ran…visualized…and let myself go free.

Bliss I say.  6 miles later, and not pain free, I did it.  Hell yeah. 

I may look like crap, tired, and old…but I felt like a kid again!!!!

I have prepared for my final exam since the start of the course.  My MBA is within a reach…I decided tonight to tackle it…and 2 hours later…Lord willing (grades wise) I am DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all who support, love, and listen.  You all are the best. 


20 thoughts on “Tuesday=Triumph”

  1. Geez, what a day. Nothing like running six miles to banish a day full of Oh SHIT! moments. Good for you for hopping on the treadmill and getting it done.


  2. You are going to be so happy when all is said and done! and you look great for someone with this much stress – can't even tell with that glowing skin and smile ;)and if co -workers piss you off talk openly about it – difficult but it usually clears everything up 😀


  3. You have the MBA in the bag. No crying, just smiling!You just have to smile about mornings that start off like that. Let it roll off your back. If you watch, "The Middle", that show is too funny. (lots of days like that on the show!) LOVE IT!


  4. That's not a bad picture at all! Way to go. This post made me happy! Way to overcome the unplanned things of the day and then push yourself! Awesome job!


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