The sum of my Saturday…

I started my day with a 2 hour therapuetic massage by my wonderful therapist.  With IT band issues, hammys screaming, and my knee just not where it should be, she concentrated the first hour on my hurting legs-more so the right one.  It seems my left leg has gone unscathed, thankfully, but whatever I am going through has caused my right leg to be entirely too much of an issue.  She worked my IT band until I ended up with bruises down my leg, but well worth the deep tissue massage.  i felt like a new woman afterwards.  I will continue to get this work done every three weeks, hoping it provides relief.

My Dad drove down from Wisconsin, and we had a great afternoon of running around, and ended up at Red Robin where I got my lettuce wrapped burger, LOL…

The night was ended by making yummy root beer floats.  The adult kind, with vanilla vodka, root beer, and a touch of french vanilla creamer. YUM…Yes, I’ve had one too many and am happy to say it was worth hours of conversation with the man I hold the highest regard upon…
He told me I should compile my poems and writings from Open Salon and write a book.  I beamed…so blessed that my Father appreciates my writing this much.  For isn’t that every child’s dream?  To make their parents proud?  He kept asking to read another post, and I giddily provided more for him to read…:-)
For years I felt I didn’t do many things right, or well…hell, I was a screw up as a kid…yet I’ve come so far, and learned from my mistakes. 

I’ll never be perfect…and am happy for that.  Because with perfection comes stagnation.  I am constantly moving forward, and love life to the fullest. 

May you all have a blessed weekend, and may I hydrate enough to get my 5 miles in tomorrow, bruised feet and all!


7 thoughts on “The sum of my Saturday…”

  1. Your dad looks really nice….and he sounds even better…(a bit like my dad if I do say so myself!)Your "adult" root beer floats sound wonderful…never tried those but I may have to soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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