Makin’ love to da Mill on Monday

I’ve been going through the motions lately of the common, self doubt, worry, and wondering honestly CAN I DO THIS???  With an aching right hip, knee, and IT band I had to wonder…
But then I realized, or am hoping that these aches and pains only come when I AM NOT RUNNING. 
I am my own worst critic, yet I have to remember the day in 2007 when I had a fire lit under my ass behind…
I was sitting outside while living in San Antonio Texas with my friend April (pictured in my cover photo running with me), and we decided we would run the San Antonio 1/2 marathon.  Mind you, this was just after my eldest daughters birthday on the 22nd of September, and the race was mid-November.  Could I really train for a 1/2 marathon, with a 1 year old and 8 year old, all the while working full time as an active duty Air Force Airman?  Oh yeah, and I was in my bachelors program at the time, going to school full time in the evenings online. 
Hell yeah I could do it…
And so I started to run, daily…the first day not even making it a mile until I had to stop and walk for a minute, but by the end of my training I completed my last 10 mile run, and finished my race in 2:14. 

People say they are too busy to accomplish their goals…but I’ve learned all too well that life is too darn short.  If you want something, GO FOR IT.  And with the utmost support of my husband and kids, I ran, and ran hard for 7 weeks training my ass butt off.  And I finished, because I set my mind and heart to accomplish this goal. 

Lately, I have questioned can I actually train for a full marathon with my full schedule?  Bah…the picture above says it all…

So tonight amidst the blistering cold and flurries blowing in the air I did my daily commute home-1 hr each way, and changed clothes to go to the gym.  My youngest loves going with me, so that helps in the routine.  The “dreadmill” was calling my name today…
I set my Iphone on shuffle, and walked enough to warm up…And then I ran….
Mile one, setting in the pace, breathing, and working out the tweaks that always ensue the first mile or so…
Mile two…”MAN I FEEL GOOD…”
Mile three…starting to feel it, but still feeling good…I keep a towel over the screen to keep me from knowing exactly where I am at…I peaked…3.48 miles…Oh SHIT man!  I got this!  4 miles my first run of the week!!! 
Made it to 4.1 miles, with a smile on my face and sweat on my brow. 

Yeah…I got this…one step at a time.  That ‘Mill and me are becoming friends, as much as I loath running inside.  Spring is hopefully right around the corner, with warmer weather and longer days. 


14 thoughts on “Makin’ love to da Mill on Monday”

  1. Awesome, Michelle! You are so right. We can do anything we set our minds too! The hardest part is starting. Once we get going, we are well on our way. I am proud of you, congrats on the 4.1 miles! I know you got this! 🙂


  2. Funny..the other day when I was running on "da mill" I kind of had the same thoughts….as much as I loathe inside running I actually started to enjoy it. so scary…..;-)


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