See what I can do, even on Sunday?

I spent this past  weekend with my Dad coming for a visit.  He knows I’ve been alone with the kids, so the adult conversation was welcomed greatly.  Although I don’t get the “breaks” from my kids that would be nice from time to time as a temporary single Mom, sometimes just having someone to TALK to about things other than make-up, boys, and playing dress up, is welcomed. 

My kids on the other hand were a bit cranky, but Grandpa and I wouldn’t have any of it.  We had fun running around, and going to a wood carving show in St. Charles today where my Dad’s latest piece was being auctioned off for silent auction and proceeds given to Hines VA Medical Center and the wounded warriors. 

Of course, I was the first to bid, and hope no one outbid me!!!  My Dad is sooooo talented.  We found a good wood burning set for me, and a beginners book to study from as I haven’t done wood burning since my junior high school days!  I am pretty stoked. 

After the show we headed to Mel’s diner and chowed down on some awesome breakfast nummies.  Yeah, I over indulged, and have been on a pretty well balanced diet. WOOPS!

I wasn’t going to run today…well I planned on it yesterday but my massage therapist did a number on me…so after Grandpa left, I rested for a couple hours and picked my tired lazy butt off the couch and headed to the gym. 

And I ran…I ran my heart out after having taken a few years off from this passion for work, school, kids, and home life.  And although I had tweaks here and there, it felt GREAT.  I remember back when training for my first 1/2 that I would hit my happy zone around 4 miles…and I hit it today.  Music blaring in my ears, peaceful thoughts in my head, and NO pain.  I hit 5.02 miles, and decided not to do TOO much…so I walked a few more minutes to cool down after recording my time, and realized…WOOO HOOO…I did it.  My longest distance so far since ’07. 
I came home, and soaked in a Lavendar epson salt bath…
and haven’t felt better in ages. 

Hope everyone had a great run/walk/or relaxing Sunday.

Bring on Monday!!!!


“Don’t follow the path of others, or aspire for dreams that are not your own.  Carve your own path, run your own race, and dream as if there is no tomorrow.”  (~me)

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