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Week 12 training wrap up

Last week was a GREAT training week for me.  I pushed myself, made a new running friend, AND did some new fueling for my long run that REALLY seemed to help me from fading out the last few miles.  Sorry for some of the repetitive information, but I really wanted to log the breakdown of my week because I really am feeling strong because I’m old and don’t want to forget.

Mileage breakdown goes a little like this:

Total mileage: 30.34 miles which is my highest mileage for a week this year.  Those of you that have been following me for a while, know that my training plan is modified to save my debilitated right knee.  I have patella femoral syndrome, and very little cartilage left so I use the run less mantra.  I do ONE long run on the weekend, and two modified shorter runs during the week.  I also try and walk 1-2 times per week.  So 30 miles is AWESOME for me.  YAY.

Strength work outs: I did weights twice last week!  Met my goal!!!

Yoga: Wednesday yoga sessions are becoming a regular in my house!  Winning!

Long run: my last week’s 18 miles got flip flopped as I had the half marathon last weekend.  I met up with my new friend, Teri as I previously mentioned, and managed a strong 19 miler.  The last few miles were really tough, but I kept movin’…

 Ya gotta be silly to survive 19 miles, right?
Fuel: For my shorter runs, no fuel.  Just water or Nuun when temps got too hot to run without hydration.  For my long run I had a granola bar for breakfast, and 2 bottles of water.  It was going to be a very humid run, and I didn’t want to dehydrate.  I carried a 16 ounce handheld filled with Nuun, and tried to fill up at all the water fountains.  I had a Huma Chia gel at miles 6, 10, and 15 and salt tabs at mile 6 and 12.  I found by fueling every 4 or so miles after the 6 miles mark kept me feeling strong, YAY!!!

Sunday for Mother’s Day my family took me downtown Chicago which is one of my favorite places.  We ate, we shopped, and we walked just over 3 miles! It felt great to stretch my sore legs.  AND, I got a new Garmin Vivofit, ate at my favorite restaurant, and shopped at my favorite clothes store-Free People.  I did also breakdown and by a new pair of jeans, one size larger than I normally wear because my legs just won’t accommodate skinny jeans anymore.  😦  My weight is back at post pregnancy weight so I need to figure out my diet.  I eat healthier than I ever have, but am guessing my love for wine is jacking with any sort of weight loss.  I’m guessing the desert pictured below isn’t helping, either, LOL!!

          All in all it was a GREAT training week, and GREAT weekend.  I am beyond blessed with amazing friends and family and I am reminded of it, daily.

How was your week in regards to training last week?  What did you do (if anything) for Mother’s Day?  What are you big plans for this week?

Have a great week, y’all!

❤ Michelle