Friday Five

Friday Five, in no particular order

I haven’t done a Friday five post in a while, so in keeping with my effort to try and get back to blogging more frequently-here goes!!  (Written on Thursday night, but it still counts, right?)

1. I did it.  I bit the bullet and signed up for another full marathon, the Rockford IL full marathon on May 22nd, 2016.  I swore I’d never sign up for another full, more so due to the fact that training for a full marathon is TRULY exhausting.  But I decided the reward is well worth it, and I’d like to really push myself with this one and see what these old legs can do.

pic cred:
pic cred:

2. Winter running gear.  I said it.  WINTER.  Colder temps have arrived, which means it’s time to pull out my gloves, ear warmers and long sleeves.  Cry.  I like COOLER temps, but breaking out the gloves always makes me sad.  I pray I can run longer outside this winter.  The last couple winters have done me in completely.


3. Diet and menopause. Both my arch enemies.  But I am REALLY trying to drop a few lbs, as in researching what my “racing weight” should be, it looks like I need to drop 10 lbs.  I’ll be honest, I am not sure I can do it…but I really have been trying. I’ve learned the hard way after trying them all that there are no magic pills, wraps, shakes or diets that work in my opinion. For me it’s watching my caloric intake, to include wine consumption.  I’ve been tracking my food religiously for 2 weeks, and am proud to be down 1.5 lbs.  It’s not a ton, but including the 4 lbs. I’ve lost previously, it’s at least a start.  I’ve got 10 to go, but I’ve decided I’ll be happy if I can at least lose 5 lbs. before I start training for Rockford.

Just Get off your Ass4. Shoes.  I LOVE my Brooks Launch 2’s, and am still using the 2 pairs I rotated for my last marathon.  A big no-no after all the mileage I’ve put on them, but they will get my through my next half marathon at least-which is NEXT weekend, ACK!!!

I see these happening possibly in the near future....:-)
I see these happening possibly in the near future….:-)

5. Running vs. Racing.  This is a tough battle for me, as I am very competitive with myself. I often say going in to a race that I am not “racing it” yet I always push myself during an event I’ve committed to and trained for in end.  Next weekend I have the Prairie State half marathon that I signed up for a few weeks ago mostly because I needed a swift kick in the tail. Six weeks off from distance running was enough rest. My guess is that I can hold a 10 mm pace, but I’ll just have to see how it goes!  I am going to try my best not to push myself to injury, because that would just suck.  LOL


At the end of the day, it truly is all about what works for you…in all aspects of life!

What brand of shoes is your go to?  Do you have problems running vs. racing an event? What’s your take on fad diets/pills etc.?

Have a great weekend, y’all!!  I’ve got 8 miles on deck tonight so I’m a bit nervous but plan on having an awesome weekend with my family!