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Sometimes everything hurts

There are some days, when I can honestly say everything hurts.  The ache in my heart seems to permeate throughout the rest of my body, and I just don’t have much left.  That’s my last week in a nut shell.  And it sucked.

So here are a few things that made me smile over the weekend.

Pictured is the watch I spoke about in my previous post.  It was an anniversary gift for my husband, and he truly loves it. My daughters have truly rallied around me (the 16 year old has her moments of course) and keep me smiling.   This weekend was my friend Carolyn’s 40th birthday, and although I couldn’t make it to the city with the girls, I was able to meet for her surprise birthday dinner.  YAY! I miss these ladies dearly, but the stressors in my life have taken front seat unfortunately.  I also made a yummy roast for dinner tonight, with a sweet potato mash topped with parmesan cheese and chives.  YUM. Oh and naps.  Yup.  I had my running clothes on today….but a nap seemed like a much better idea. See, sleep just doesn’t happen anymore so I take what I can get.  #dontjudge

Check out my dress.  I LOVE pretty clothes!  #giddy This is one of the dresses my hubby picked out during our anniversary weekend.


This week my husband will be traveling for a leadership meeting for his deployment.  It all got very real, very quick. Today he was called in for another emergency meeting, and it’s so very hard to digest the whole situation.  I can’t obviously go into it, but let’s just say S#@! just got real.

Tonight, while was cooking dinner I looked over and watched him. He was sitting in his rocking chair, drinking a glass of wine and reading his favorite magazine, Wine Spectator.  But he wasn’t reading.  He was staring at our Christmas tree.  I asked him, “Are you ok?” and he looked down and nodded.  I went to him, hugging him tightly, and he choked back sobs.  This big, strong man was crying.  And everything hurt, a little more.

But this too, in time, shall pass…We WILL get through this.  Thanks to you all for your amazing support and patience.  My blog has obviously taken a turn, but it helps to get it all out there even if just once a week or so.

How was your weekend?  Did you cook anything yummy? What makes you happy during tough times?

❤ Michelle