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The return of the ‘other half’ <3

This post is part 2 if you will, to my last post about doing the single parent gig while the hubby is away.  This is the part about what happens when the other half, returns…

And while I was thrilled to have him return home last night, albeit it only for a brief visit, I realized something…something that I forget. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. he travels.

Sometimes his coming home, is almost as hard as his leaving. 


I know.  Isn’t it all rainbows and unicorns running through fields filled with spring colored flowers and butterflies flitting through the air? Isn’t it like the airport seen with the wife and kids holding the welcome home sign for the long-awaited return of their husband/Dad, in which he comes running off the tarmac to embrace his wife and kids in his arms?

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Sadly…not always.  Sometimes the unicorn has had little sleep during his travels, and the butterflies have just had it with flitting, and need a nap. 

Sometimes…it’s hard to re-adjust at first, because you have a very set routine in which every moment is accounted for precisely because one mis-step could be a disaster in making sure the day is successful.  And the other half doesn’t always understand that routine, how hard it is to keep, and how deep down inside (ok not that deep sometimes) you have a bit of animosity towards him because while he’s off progressing in his career, you are home strapped with the kids and your job that can never truly BE a career because you must support HIS, first. 

Why I am I talking in the third person?  Oh, that’s right…because that was me thinking outside my head.  LOL

Let’s start again…

photo credit: Pinterest
pic credit: Pinterest

And now with tears in my eyes after a night of little sleep thinking about all of this, I will slap myself in the face and remember that I promised him I’d do this, I’d support him in good and bad…this is HIS time and he is serving our country.  I will stop being a selfish brat, and do my very best to support him. Because he would do the same for me.  At the end of the day, he does what he does for US…for our family.  #Unitedwestand

So while goodbyes can be tough, and readjusting sometimes tougher, I will count my blessings and be thankful for my awesome family. ❤


Rant…over.  Thanks for listening, I think I needed to just get that off my chest. 

How do you deal with stressful times? Are you able to rant and then feel better?  (I know I do! Thanks!)

Here’s to a new week, and week one of Marathon training starting TOMORROW! 

Thanks, y’all!

❤ Michelle