Thursday thoughts!!

One thing I’ll say about Florida, is that the weather here has really slowed me down. When it’s humid like it was today, I find myself taking a lot more walk breaks than I ever would. But as I found myself getting frustrated, I reminded myself that so many can’t even run a single mile anymore, and that I should be thankful for each step I take. So my new thought process is, “I no longer care about the pace I run, as long as I’m getting it done.” I’ll forever be thankful for the supplements I take, Novo Renew, that have afforded me the ability to keep moving. Click HERE for more information, and make sure to use my code Michelle25 at check out to save!!!
Good thing for you Gasparilla runners this weekend:we’ve got a cold front coming through this weekend!!! Let me know if you’re running!!! I’ll cheer you on!

Are you currently training for anything? What is your favorite distance to run? Do you notice yourself slowing down as you age (or is it just me, haha!)?





What’s so wrong with celebrating Valentines Day?

So many call this a Hallmark Holiday, and sure, I suppose it is…..but what’s so wrong with having a day set aside to show some extra appreciation for your loved ones? More times than not, my husband and I are apart on Valentines day, so when are actually together I always try and do something small. A card, some chocolates, his favorite candy bar just to name a few.

This morning I woke up to this:

And it truly made my day.


Go tell someone you love them!! It doesn’t have to be a romantic interest! Just tell those you love them how much they mean to you! Life is to short to let a day go by without doing so, and what better day than Valentine’s Day!!





Mid-life funk

I’ve been a little MIA….I don’t like to write, unless it’s something positive, but…

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately – ever since my birthday, really. While some say how wonderful aging is, how they’ve embraced their grey hair, deep wrinkles, weight gain, and sagging skin, me…well, not so much. (Thankfully I DO love the person I’ve become on the inside, so there’s that!!!!!)

I am at a place in my life now where I can say more likely than not, that my life is more than half over. On average, a healthy American lives until around the age of 77…that means I have (if I am lucky), 30 years to go…and that’s if I am lucky. Why on earth am I looking SOOO far ahead in the future? GAH, slap me now. No please, really….slap me!

Because it really isn’t that far off…and there is so much I still want to see and do in my life. But I am at the point where I wonder, WILL there be time? IS it getting to be too late? Hard to say…really. Time sure really does fly.

Everyone says, “Take that trip” or “Eat that cake” but man, I dunno…at the age of 47 I am still paying for my graduate degree, and now paying for my oldest while she’s taking classes up north. We are doing our best to pay cash for her classes/books so she won’t be in the same boat we are. Thankfully my husband paid his loans off a few years ago, but I’ve still got 2 more years to go. SOOOOO close, LOL.

And if I look at a piece of cake, I gain 5 lbs., so that’s a hard NO.


I do try to make the very best of my time here on earth, though. To make up for the lack of traveling or home improvements,  we do our best to take as many trips to the Beach and Disney as we can and make as many memories as possible. I have become more aware of how short life is, having lost my dog last year and a near death experience with my Dad last year. So I’ve decided to make more of an effort to be present and show those that I care about, how  much I love them. That could be a phone call, a text, a simple FB message…but I do it, and as often as possible.

I know, I know…such a morbid post. But it’s been festering inside of me for almost 3 weeks, and I have hope that by throwing it out there to the universe, that it will help me let go of the dread of aging so much. I suppose I am just not where I’d hoped I’d be at this stage in my life…but I know I’ll get there, eventually. I am just blessed that I have what I have, and I need to remind myself of that every day. I’ve got a great family, a couple of close friends, my health (knock on wood), a career, and we live in our dream place of sunny Florida. I am surrounded by blessings, and need to remember it!!! 🙂

So it’s out there, and now I am going to move past it and take my own advice and “Keep Movin’ Forward.”

SOOOOO…goals for this year to help get out of my funk are:

  1. Sign up for a few races
  2. Be consistent with my workouts – 2-4 times per week
  3. Be present
  4. Pick one thing each day I am thankful for and write it down
  5. Try to stop stressing over weight and wrinkles (that’s a tough one-LOL)

How do you get yourself out of a funk? Do you ever get on your own nerves, LOL? Tell me something good!!!



All natural supplements for joint health and muscle recovery!!!

Last February I started taking @novorenew and I can tell you it’s been life changing for me. As a middle aged runner I can tell you that 30+ years of running has taken its toll on my knees, joints and muscles in general. By taking this supplement on a daily basis, I’ve been able to move more and more regularly-pain free!! Check it out and use my discount code Michelle25 to save!!

Set backs

Miss y’all. Was sick all week and just a little lost inside my own head. Here’s a quote I found today that hit home.

Forward Progress

GUYS…tonight was the first run in ages where I FORGOT I WAS RUNNING…if that makes sense. All of my runs over the last several months have been an effort. An effort to breathe. An effort to move. An effort to concentrate on anything but not dying. I won’t say this run wasn’t hard-because I went into knowing I wanted to push myself both in speed and in mileage. Some may scoff at my 10+ pace being in the same sentence as speed, but for ME, it’s fast, and I’m darn proud of the negative splits. The weather was cool and overcast and the wind was strong so that was a challenge. But…I did it and I’m so happy for getting it done. Thanks for all the support as I try my hardest to get back what I’ve lost.

This was on Thursday and I just had to share.

How do you handle starting over? Setbacks?



A little motivation

So if you’ve been around a while, (and even if you haven’t) you’ll know I’ve struggled with motivation lately. And while it’s gotten better, I can honestly say I enjoy relaxing on my recliner after a long day at work WAY too much, HA! BUT…time for that all to end.

My husband and I watched “Brittney runs a marathon” this weekend on Amazon Prime, (check out a clip HERE) and it really resonated with me. I used to be that runner that went to “run club” and had “running friends” and I used to have such a sense of purpose while training for a race. I thought I had forgotten that feeling, but thankfully running truly is in my blood. And because of that, I asked my husband to run with me on Monday…to slow down and just run beside me to help keep me going….and he did just that!! I am no longer going to look back on what kind of runner I used to be, or what pace I used to be able to run; instead I will look forward which has been my mantra for nearly a decade. I will keep taking my Novorenew to keep my joints and muscles fresh and remind myself that while it’s ok to step back, it’s not ok to stop. Let the fun begin!!!


Speaking of fun, I was contacted by a company called asking me to review their box. (I generously received a free box, in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own).

Here’s a little bit about the company and what they offer:

Beyond the content of the box, we feel one of our big differentiators is the monthly challenge; our subscribers love it, and it keeps them motivated
Our subscribers get access to an exclusive running community where they can share, motivate and get motivated
Our subscribers can get discount coupons for many of the items in the box, allowing them to purchase at below retail prices
Our subscribers also get access to exclusive content (training, motivation, tips, etc.)
Finally, our subscribers have access to members only sales

Here’s a snapshot of what I received (over $60.00 worth of items!!!):

Fun Run Box

Fun, Useful items

IMG_7012 (1)
Monthly challenge

This is such a fun concept/idea and I look forward to learning more about the company. If you use Welcome15 at checkout, you’ll save 15% off of your first box!!!

How do you stay motivated? What’s your favorite fuel for running? Are you a hot/cold weather runner?




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