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Double post today!

Happy Wednesday, my friends! Have a bit on my mind and heart (see previous post) so needed this workout tonight. I walked the first half with my daughter, and walk/ran the second half. Wrapped up with my daily plank.

How was your Wednesday?



moving forward

Looking past negativity

This week I heard about someone that had been talking bad about me to others. I’ll leave it at that for sake of privacy here on the blog.

It truly bothered me, and still does to a point, because I always do my best to take of my friends, family and coworkers. I’m the most genuine person you’ll meet, and have worked through many difficult years fighting negative demons.

Today, I decided to take that energy and spread kindness. I offered to help a coworker with their duties knowing how busy we both are these days. I reached out to someone I know that feels under appreciated and verbalized my true appreciation for all that they do for me. And I hugged my daughter a few extra times when she got home from school, because what is honestly better than a good hug?

Am I still thinking about that other person that hurt me? Sure. I’m human. But I find doing positive and kind things for others always helps.

How do you battle negativity? Any other good tips?



moving forward

Monday motivation

I won’t lie. I feel like I am back to square one, or even a little further back since getting sick two months ago. I don’t ever recall running a short run at a 12mm+ pace. And every time I had to walk, it set me back a little further mentally.
But I’m not getting any younger, and I’m at least out there moving. That counts for something, right?!
Happy Monday, my friends. Thanks for always motivating me to get out and move.
How was your Monday?

moving forward


Happy Sunday! I spent the last couple of hours cooking and meal prepping for the week. Baked chicken, steamed veggies and brown rice will be our main menus. I did make some yummy chicken soup for dinner with diced carrots, sweet potatoes, poblano peppers, onions, garlic and chicken. I seasoned with all kinds of spices, going towards lots of warm spices like cumin, turmeric, paprika and garlic/onion powder. Finished the day off with my plank.

How was your day?



moving forward

Honoring Veteran’s Day!

To understand a Military Veteran you must know:

We left home as teenagers or in our early twenties for an unknown adventure.

We loved our country enough to defend it and protect it with our own lives.

We said goodbye to friends and family and everything we knew.

We learned the basics and then we scattered in the wind to the far corners of the Earth.

We found new friends and new family.

We became brothers and sisters regardless of color, race or creed.

We had plenty of good times, and plenty of bad times.

We didn’t get enough sleep.

We smoked and/or drank too much.

We picked up both good and bad habits.

We worked hard and played harder.

We didn’t earn a great wage.

We experienced the happiness of mail call and the sadness of missing important events.

We didn’t know when, or even if, we were ever going to see home again.

We grew up fast, and yet somehow, we never grew up at all.

We fought for our freedom, as well as the freedom of others.

Some of us saw actual combat, and some of us didn’t.

Some of us saw the world, and some of us didn’t.

Some of us dealt with physical warfare, most of us dealt with psychological warfare.

We have seen and experienced and dealt with things that we can’t fully describe or explain, as not all of our sacrifices were physical.

We participated in time honored ceremonies and rituals with each other, strengthening our bonds and camaraderie.

We counted on each other to get our job done and sometimes to survive it at all.

We have dealt with victory and tragedy.

We have celebrated and mourned.

We lost a few along the way (too damn many)

When our adventure was over, some of us went back home, some of us started somewhere new and some of us never came home at all.

We have told amazing and hilarious stories of our exploits and adventures.

We share an unspoken bond with each other, that most people don’t experience, and few will understand.

We speak highly of our own branch of service, and poke fun at the other branches.

We know however, that, if needed, we will be there for our brothers and sisters and stand together as one, in a heartbeat.

Being a Veteran is something that had to be earned, and it can never be taken away.

It has no monetary value, but at the same time it is a priceless gift.

People see a Veteran and they thank them for their service.

When we see each other, we give that little upwards head nod, or a slight smile, knowing that we have shared and experienced things that most people have not.

So, from myself to the rest of the veterans out there, I commend and thank you for all that you have done and sacrificed for your country.

Try to remember the good times and make peace with the bad times.

Share your stories.

But most importantly, stand tall and proud, for you have earned the right to be called a Veteran.



(copied from unknown author)