Saturday is always full of something…

I am happy to say I have found my mojo again, and realizing things I need to work on with ME, and things I need to not stress about…

I am one who wears her heart on her sleeve, so when I feel I am failing it really hurts.  But with everything in life I am relearning all we can do, is our very best in life.  Naysayers will always exist, and people will put you down even when you think you’ve tried your hardest.  But knowing deep down you’ve done your best is what matters most.  No one is perfect.

So this week despite the heat I made myself get out there and run…I have only logged 6 miles so far, but that is 6 more miles than I ran last week.  Tomorrow I will put in all my efforts for my long run, and hope to log 6-8 miles minimum.  My favorite trails are blocked so I plan on researching a new route tonight. 

The weekends I find solace in my home, and with my family because they truly keep me motivated to be a better person all while letting me be ME no matter what. 

So after my much needed massage I decided to cook a nice family dinner that everyone could enjoy.  Please see my photo montage for a recap…
On the menu was pan seared sea scallops and pasta…
I started by drying my scallops…Julia Childs taught me, always dry your meat!
Next I made the coating for the scallops which was made up of herbs, a couple teaspoons of flour, salt and pepper, and grated garlic.
Next I seasoned the scallops with salt, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. 

While the scallops rested, I pan seared some bacon and got the water boiling for the pasta. 

To the noodles I added organic butter, Benzinger white wine, Italian seasoning and shallots. 

Next I seared my scallops.  Gordon Ramsey would have been proud…hehe

Lastly I added fresh broccoli to the pasta mix, and let it warm for a few minutes.  The dinner turned out great!!!

In the end, I am praying for a great long run tomorrow.  Trying to get back into my groove, and this wonderful cool front will help greatly!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed week!
❤ Chelle


More than two things, Tuesday….

I didn’t run today.  I normally don’t run 2 days in a row but had hoped to get a run in today despite the weather.  The weather man won…94 degrees at 8 pm, and I succumbed to a Rum Runner and a night on the couch with my husband.  He hit the hay early, and I just washed my jeep inside and out, and am also finishing laundry.  I know I have to get up early, but the respite from work for one day does my soul well…don’t get me wrong…I love my job, but learning not only the bench tech side of my job as well as the supervisor role has led me to a bit of discord.  After 10 months you’d think I’d have it down pat…but well, I don’t.  I never knew being two people at once would be so hard.  Hell, I am a single Mom (meaning Dad duty too) more times than not, but this is a struggle to say the least. 

Today is the 21st anniversary of the year I joined the Air Force.  I signed on the dotted line, and honestly didn’t turn back until I reached retirement age.  I still feel a bit lost…Just last week I had a rough day, so spent my break sitting outside on the patio for a snack.  I remembered 9/11; sitting on the patio in the same way while finding out our country had been hit by attack.  And I found myself reaching for my cover (1 year later) before going inside.  Sadly I had no cover to don. 

I began to recall my anniversary yesterday, and was scoffed by fellow coworkers and friends.   “It’s not a real anniversary anymore” said they…yet over half my life was spent wearing the uniform.  My situations were different from the civilian world, and few here understand.  But yes, I miss my Air Force days each and every moment that I breathe.  I still don’t sleep, I still have memories that haunt me, and I still wish nothing more than to serve my country. 

So I sit here, after not being able to run due to crazy heat, and I tried to fill my evening full of activities.  I cleaned, washed my car, did laundry, spent time with my husband, and now I write…

Today is my favorite holiday.  Independence day…I remember this day all too well while sitting on a flight line at Lackland Air Force base,  San Antonio Texas at the age of 18…We weren’t allowed to celebrate, but I knew serving my country was celebration enough.  As the fighter planes flew overhead, I knew I signed the line smartly, and proudly. 

So now what…

I am a fish out of water, still a year later, finding acceptance from none…and I wonder, did I make a mistake?  Should I have tried harder, worked harder, and stepped up higher?  What happened to my dreams of achieving the rank of Chief Master Sargent? 

But I am reminded that God places us, just where he wants us…and as I drove home tonight after an 11 hour day, I realize I am right where I should be. 

Salutes to those who serve, who have served, and who WILL serve our country proud.  Hold your head high, because very few have the courage to fight for those less fortunate. 

Week 2 of Marathon training…

Well, I should say week 1, but thankfully I am ahead of the curve with my training as I have completed 2 half marathons this spring.  I gave myself a break, and was supposed to start up strong last week…

A migraine, amidst other “life issues” happened, and I only logged 4 miles of running last week.  Epic fail, why yes.  I had planned on running Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, but when a migraine hit me like a Mack truck I was down for the count for a couple days…had planned on running Sunday after my folks left from their weekend visit, and we were hit with crazy storms and a 7+ power outage…yeah, weekend of running was shot. 

Ultimately though, last week taught me a few lessons.  After losing a friend from high school to breast cancer (she was my age-and left 3 young children and a husband behind) I realized just how short life truly is to each one of us.  We all have our bad days, be it work, family, money, you name it…but if we have our health I truly think we should all thank the higher beings above that have granted us the gift of life. 

Today marks 1 year since my Grandma passed…another reason to celebrate life, and all that we are blessed with…I miss her daily…

So tonight, after 1 week without running and 100 degree temps lurking outside, I laced up my shoes and hit the gym.  BOY, bad move…it was hotter in there than outside.  I struggled to get my 3 mile training run in, but I completed it after drowning in sweat.  Bah…

But they all can’t be stellar runs, nor can we always have stellar days…

But I will continue to work hard in my home, my job, and my training.  Lord willing I will have the time and energy to complete this marathon.  I have been making myself go to bed earlier, although it results in me waking up several times, yet I will continue to try and build strength and energy. 

Count your blessings, hug your loved ones, and give your all in each goal you aspire to complete…life truly is short. 

Let FULL Marathon training, BEGIN!

I took the better part of the last 2 weeks OFF…to just heal, rest, and regain my strength after full time training since December.  I needed this break, and took an amazing 5 day trip to see my lifelong friend, Jennifer (that I met nearly 20 years ago while serving in the Air Force together) who now lives in Oklahoma. 
A wonderful dinner and drinks at the Boulevard in OKC

The weekend was filled with talking, drinking, laughing, shopping, and just relaxing.  It was a much needed break after spending over 8 months alone with my kids this last year with literally no breaks, or help. 
us being silly while at Saks


Me and Katerina at the pool party

Stavros and his pinata

I took today off to unpack, rest, and do some chores I had let go by the way side.  I set my alarm early to run, but my stomach had different plans, so I took some meds and went back to sleep for a couple hours. 

This training can cause havoc on one’s body, both emotionally and physically.  I see so many have amazing support from parents and friends, yet I ran my last race without a cheering squad.  Yet I didn’t let it stop me, nor will I let myself sit in a funk about it any longer…

So today I laced up my shoes after cooking dinner, and set out for 4 miles…and I did it, aching knee, running nose, and wonky stomach…(I’m sure all the CRAP I ate this past weekend didn’t help!  LOL)…

Week 1 is officially ON, and I pray to keep my physical and emotional strength high! 

A redo-of Marathon Monday…

I haven’t run in over a week now…

I feel sluggish, sore, and tired.  But I figure sometimes we need to hit a low, to progress to our “high”…

I have spent the better part of 8 months (separated by 6 months, 4 months each stint) alone and as a single Mom.  I enjoyed nearly ALL of this time, because I was able to not only bond with my girls, but to find a strength in myself I didn’t know I had due to lack of physical support.  You always think people will come to your aid in times of need, yet often times you are left to deal with things, life, etc. on your own.  And I’ve done it, 100% me, all the while the last 4 months training for TWO half marathons. 

Yeah…nothing is impossible…

But we all hit our breaking point, and physically and emotionally I am spent.  So although my marathon training was due to start this past week, I am giving myself a bit of a break to take a deep breath and start over. 

I fly out Wednesday to my best friend’s house, and our major plans include a whole lot of NOTHING…relaxing, talking, and enjoying time. 

Marathon Monday will recap next week…although I was sad to see on daily mile I hadn’t posted in 6 days…I DO realize, we all need a break. 

Can’t wait for my well-deserved break on Wednesday!

Five things this Friday

1.       I haven’t ran in 6 days…I had planned to, well, several times…but an aching knee, car breaking down, allergies kicking my butt, and well-LIFE getting in the way seemed to stop me from my previous plans.  (Lord willing I will at least do a short neighborhood run tomorrow).  I will save you from sharing a pic, but my nose looks like Rudolph’s twin from blowing it so much…GAH!

2.       BEST of luck to all the people I know running the Grandma’s marathon this weekend…this race is near and dear to my heart as I grew up watching marathoners, and since have falling in love with the sport of running.

3.       I have ran 332 miles in the year 2012…this is HUGE for me…may my knee hold out for just a few more months!  Most of which I did as a single Mom…so for that, I am proud…Nothing can stop me now! 

4.      Giving a pedicure to yourself, with “runners feet” is not pretty…One ½ toenail, and some major callouses made my night quite challenging.  I refuse to torture any sweet lady in the nail salon to look at my feet….NO WAY…

5.      Tomorrow my family and I are going to our first Cubs game at Wrigley Field.  This is a Father’s day present to my husband, and we are so uberly stoked.  Yes, I said uberly. 

I could add number 6…that car repairs and bills, and life is HARD…but those tidbits don’t deserve a number in my week.  They are THERE, yes…but I just can’t dwell on em…each day is step forward, and I won’t let the ‘crap’ get me down. 

May you all have a wonderful weekend, and happy running!

❤ Chelle

Monday, and marathon training…here..we…go!

I wanted to give myself a few days off before I ramped up with marathon training….but my 20 miler is creeping up fast…

Schedule looks as follows…

June 16
meet at 6:15
run at 6:30 AM
10 miles
(5 mi Half)
(Map) TBD
Dick Pond
St. Charles

303 N. 2nd St. (Route 31)
St. Charles, IL
water and toilets in parks
July 1
12 miles
(6 mi Half)
(Map) TBD
water and toilets in parks
July 15
14 miles
(7 mi Half)
(Map) TBD
water and toilets in parks
July 28
16 miles
(8 mi Half)
(Map) TBD
water and toilets in parks
August 12
18 miles
(8 mi Half)
(Map) TBD
water and toilets in parks
August 25
20 miles
(10 mi Half)
(Map) TBD
water and toilets in parks

This…truly makes me nervous.  As I have just finished icing both knees, and massaging with Blue Emu cream…I can’t help but to hear those scary voices inside my head saying, REALLY?  ARE YOU MAD???  

But, all I can do is my best…push forward, relish in the 2 days of rest I had, and lace up my shoes tomorrow. 

Let the miles, begin!  Thanks to those who support and cheer me on, your encouragement is needed, welcomed, and appreciated!

“Tell me I can’t…and I will work harder to prove you wrong…” (me)

I am still in awe of yesterday.  I won’t compare my times to anyone else; because this was the best race I have EVER run…I am still on cloud nine….

I poured myself out of bed this morning, after waking up several times to sore, well, everything…LOL.  I drew myself a nice hot Epsom salt bath, and soaked long enough to be able to run errands with the girls as Brian was at his reserve duty.  I have to give him a shout out for doing nearly a 10 mile road march…yeah, we were both gimping tonight, LOL…

But the day ended well amidst my daily arguments with my eldest.  Seems the older your kids’ get, the harder they are to deal with…but tomorrow is a new day and hopefully she will realize I am not so bad one day…LOL. 

After our errands we got out the sprinklers and I let them have fun in the water since it was a balmy 95 degrees and we don’t have a pool.  I didn’t last long as I am still a bit dehydrated from yesterday, but it was fun to watch them on the slip and slide, hehe!

I am hoping tomorrow for a run, but am playing it by ear…want to give myself a week or two break before my official MARATHON training plan starts.  On a good note, I ended yesterday’s race WITHOUT A SINGLE BLISTER.  YAHOO!  I think I finally found the right shoes. 

My long term goals are:

To make this marathon the best I can make it…to FINISH strong.

To become a more seasoned ½ marathoner, because this is where I find my joy…Someday I hope to break the 2 hour mark!

To take some cooking lessons, as I’d love someday to be a true Chef.

To keep the focus on ME when running, because this is mine, and MINE alone.

To eventually purchase a piano and take lessons…

To continue to work on my house, and my garden, because I LOVE my home…

And lastly, to compile all of my writing and publish a book, even if it is an E-book. 

What are your long term goals???

PR. Chicago Allstate 1/2 marathon

I started this race with high expectations.

My last half was an uber fail, and I refused to repeat what happened 3 weeks ago.

So today, and the weeks before, I prepared…more so mentally than anything…

I’ve taken it “easy” the last few weeks, while mixing in my short and long runs.

I’ve made sure my shoes were the right fit.

I’ve updated my play list…because I love getting lost in the music…

And today, at 0345 my alarm went off, and I knew I was ready…

Tazo tea in hand with an apple ready to eat,

I drove to Carolyn’s house, just a few minutes away…

We hit the road running, and were excited for our race.

Sadly we weren’t able to get into the same corral, but we hugged,

Wished each other luck, and made our way. 

I started the race to the new American Idol’s song, Home…

And as I looked at the scenery surrounding me, I knew I was right where I should be…

I lost myself in the music and made sure this race was my own. 

“Love Lockdown” hit around mile 4, and I was in the zone…although I saw runners coming back, I knew the corrals were spread out. 

I didn’t let the runners passing me, or the runners I passed phase me…

I held steady, and I ran…

Mile 6 I took 2 Advil, and kept trucking…yeah, I had this…

“Hollaback girl” hit around mile 7, and I was thankful for the towels the race committee provided…I kept it wet and around my neck…NO one was stopping me now…

Around 8.5 miles I hit a GU chew, and realized I suck at math…crap; I still had a ways to go…

But “Don’t let me get me” by Pink played and I was rejuvenated around mile 9…

Mercy Me crept in around mile 9…”Move”…and hell yeah I was moving…I bypassed the 2:20 pacer, and I felt great….

Journey, “Don’t stop believing” hit me shortly after…and with the text messages from my best friend Jen cheering me on, I knew I had this…


“For the first time” by the Script hit around mile 11…and this song speaks to what my husband and I have been through, so of course I picked up the pace….

Mile 12…”Bleed it out” by Linkin Park…yeah…I was giving it all I had and no one could stop me…bobbing and weaving in the pack I made my mark…

Mile 13…”Scream” by Usher…a song my husband and I love, and enjoy being silly to…

I came around the bend, and kicked it up…this truly was MY race…and it was amazing. 

I may have physically run it alone…but I wasn’t by myself for even a second…
So proud of my dear friend Carolyn for finishing strong!

An amazing day…I…am…truly blessed. 

Love and blessing to those who whole heartedly support me.  xoxo


Tuesday, tapering, tid bits and triumphs…

I have spent the better part of 6 months training to become a runner again…

This hasn’t come without falls, heartbreak, or trials…

But this week starts my tapering, and I am giving myself extra days to recoup while allowing my knee to rest. 

I will run tomorrow for National Runners day…GO US! 

I have hit road blocks in life…

But this week I feel like I am taking steps forward. 

My children are now 1st and 7th graders…really?

I will run this race Saturday with the best of my ability….

IPod in tow, and I will let the music and scenery take me where I need go…

I will continue to ice my knees, relish in my family and friends,

And focus on the finish line. 

I may not always finish strong…but I ALWAYS-FINISH. 

May Mother Nature give me a break…her 90 degree forecast has me nervous already. 

I spent nearly 30 minutes today on my new hammock, a gift from my husband…

And I re-found my peace amidst the breeze, the trees, and the birds singing. 

He may not read these blogs, but may he know of my love for him…

My life is truly blessed. 

My Tazo tea is prepared for tomorrow, and I look forward to another day of hard work,


And striving for my goals…

Thanks, for all of your support…