moving forward

Got outside today!

I finally got a few hours of sleep last night, so I enjoyed a slow 2 mile run/1.2 mile run/walk with my daughter after work.

We’re signed up to run a half marathon the end of February and will more than likely be run/walking it.

Haven’t felt myself lately, and getting outside always makes me feel better.

How was your day? Any moving?

moving forward

Time for rest

Since having Covid last September, every little thing seems to turn in to a big thing. What used to be a bad day of allergies, turns into a week. What used to be a bad nights sleep or two, turns in to me feeling like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck. So last night was the third night I didn’t sleep well, which left me with a migraine/Mack truck situation. I had important training and interviews to conduct, but thankfully was working from home today with my camera turned OFF lol.

Skipped my run to rest, but did get a core workout and my daily plank done.

Cheers to a better nights sleep tonight!!

moving forward

Insomnia strikes again

Last few nights have been horrible when it comes to good sleep. Just can’t seem to turn my mind off these days.

But the weather was beautiful today, and after being stuck in my office at work for almost nine hours, I decided a walk was in order. 3.1 miles on our neighborhood trails definitely lifted my spirits today. Isn’t it awesome how fresh air is sometimes all you need?!

Did you get outside today?



moving forward

New Years, 2022

Happy NY everyone! I decided to take a couple days off from the blog. We had a lovely weekend (minus today, my youngest wasn’t feeling well earlier, but better now) here in Florida. We went for a nice dinner on Friday, spent NYE with our friends, and then had a fun day exploring beach towns yesterday. Today we just laid low after a failed attempt to hit the beach. We were there maybe 30 minutes and my poor youngest wasn’t feeling it.

How was your weekend?

moving forward

Tuesday miles

I haven’t gotten on the scale since the week after thanksgiving, and know that I’m up 5-7 lbs. Might not sound like much, but when you’re a petite person, it doesn’t carry well.

The hubby and I are motivated to get the weight off that we gained after getting Covid. I wasn’t able to workout for a good two months and still struggle to get my breathing and heart rate controlled.

So today after work, despite my head hurting and knee aching, we got outside for a nice walk.

Glad we got out, as we all know the weight won’t come off sitting on my butt lol.

moving forward

Sunday reminder

If I’ve learned anything in the last year or 10 or 40+…life is short.

Friendships may not last a lifetime. Health fades. Jobs sure can suck sometimes, but are necessary. Military life is hard. You move. You adjust. You move again. Making new friends as you get older is hard.

But at the end of the day you embrace what brings you joy. Family. Sunshine. Lifelong relationships. Belly laughs. Memories. Good food. Spending too much money on something you know will make someone smile. Heartfelt gestures. Hugs. Random acts of kindness. Inclusion. Smiles.

Wear the dress. Eat the food. Call someone you love. Laugh every day.

Life is short. Embrace it.

Merry Christmas to you all.

moving forward

Christmas 2021

This was my first Christmas in 22 years that I had to spend without my daughter. I’ll admit I was struggling with the thought of being away from her, so I got up bright and early to embrace the day.

We had a lovely day filled with laughter, love, presents and of course delicious food. Here’s some highlights.

We finished the day with a call to my parents and my daughter which ended the day perfectly, despite being apart.

Happy holidays!!!!