moving forward

Mid life thoughts.

I’ve struggled a little the last few years. Looking back I’ve always lived my life for someone (kids/family), or something (my country). The military chose my job, which I’ve transitioned to the admin side, so it’s all I’ve known for almost 32 years. They say it’s never too late to start over, but I have to argue with that when there are bills to pay and money to save as I get closer to retirement age. But I’ll never say never, and never lose hope.


11 thoughts on “Mid life thoughts.”

  1. When I was still in college I remember telling this middle aged women that I would just quit a job if I didn’t like it and go find another.
    I still remember the look on her face. Half envious of my naivete and half wishing she could be that free.
    Now that I’m probably older than she was them, I understand what she meant when she said it isn’t that easy.
    You get so far down the road, it gets hard to come back and start over or even make a turn.
    I’m a little bored with my current job, but I’m also a few years from retirement.
    Do I really want to go work for a start up to add some excitement to my life? Probably not.

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