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Never forget

I was a SSgt in the Air Force when the attacks happened, and I can honestly say it was the hardest day of my military career.
Where were you when the world stopped spinning? #neverforget

21 thoughts on “Never forget”

  1. Working security in Tampa-weekend job to get through grad school. Very serious as it was the old St. Pete Times Bldg. Roof was full of agents. It was my first day on the job. Husband, retired Army, and I grabbed things at the store stocking up. Brother Mike was working at NYU hospital with wife and saw most of the action. Truly a day not to be forgotten ever.

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  2. I was getting ready for work. I don’t even know why I would have had the television on. They were talking about the first tower being hit and then the second plane hit the other tower. It was a tough day for everyone but I can only imagine how much worse for you and the others serving in the USA Airforce that day. 💞

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      1. No, I was stationed outside of St Louis. Our blood donor team was activated and we were able to get over 100 units of blood drawn and sent to NY in just 24 hours. I was the only one of my friends who lived on base and was a single mom. They locked the base down so all of my friends hunkered down at my small place. We watched in horror the bodies falling from the sky, and somberly cried.


      2. My sister living in Nebraska said there were scumbags calling to say they could get emergencies supplies, gas masks and the like sent to them from halfway across the country in a couple of hours. Jeanne told them they must have pretty fast trucks because there were no planes flying. They hung up on her and moved on to scam somebody else. That is why I remembered the aircraft grounding.

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