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Tuesday miles

I haven’t gotten on the scale since the week after thanksgiving, and know that I’m up 5-7 lbs. Might not sound like much, but when you’re a petite person, it doesn’t carry well.

The hubby and I are motivated to get the weight off that we gained after getting Covid. I wasn’t able to workout for a good two months and still struggle to get my breathing and heart rate controlled.

So today after work, despite my head hurting and knee aching, we got outside for a nice walk.

Glad we got out, as we all know the weight won’t come off sitting on my butt lol.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday miles”

  1. Michelle, thanks for motivating me. I can tell I have eaten too many cookies lately. I hired my daughter , the personal trainer, to whip me back into shape. Have a Happy New Year 🎆. I wish you much joy and abundance for this upcoming year.

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