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Back at Magic Kingdom

Our family has lots of wonderful memories at Disney. It was the first time I remember flying as a kid when my parents took us there for our first big trip!! We had so much fun!! As an adult, I went to Disneyland back in 2004 when my husband returned from his first deployment and the memories will last a life time. We went to Disney World in 2012 as one of our first “real” family vacations, and again made countless memories. But I think the trip in 2017 is what sealed the deal that Disney would always be a happy place of ours. We went after my husband returned from his second deployment, and it helped heal a lot of wounds that had been festering for the previous 2 years prior.

Long story short, one of the many reasons we decided to move to Florida was to be closer to Disney. It’s not just for kids, I tell you! The parks have things for all ages, and the festivals at Epcot are something we truly enjoy.

We had annual passes for the first two years we lived here and frequented the parks quite often. Then COVID hit and we decided to let our passes go. Sooooo, last month we finally renewed them and today was our first visit back.

Here’s some pics from our day.

Have you ever been to Disney?

9 thoughts on “Back at Magic Kingdom”

  1. Nice! Never been to Disney in Florida but have been to Disneyland several times. We went on our honeymoon because the hubby had never been there. It was fun showing him around. It was opened in 1955 so I always say I’m as old as Disneyland. My goal is to get there for the holidays one year. I have never seen it decorated.

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  2. Never been to the one in Florida; have been a few times to Disneyland in CA. I’m not a big Disney fan anymore. Your guys’s shirts are cute though; you’re like THAT couple, and right after your anniversary, too. 😀

    I thought of your daughter the other day: she was having a rough start to the school year or something/some bullying — and I was curious how that had shaken out.

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      1. The nonsense kids have to deal with now makes me glad none of the new, convenient, anonymous methods of bullying existed back then. I mean, sure: I had a few punch ups when I was younger, but that’s honest. I’ve had a few concerns about my own daughter’s experiencing bullying. So I’m glad to hear it’s better.

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  3. We had 2 year passes for Busch Gardens, and SeaWorld for 20 years or more. Then they had 3 – 5 day passes for Florida residence that worked out to around $30 a day, and you could use them anytime apart from peak season.


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