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Monday motivation!!

Happy Monday! I managed a small core workout and lights weights today, along with my daily plank. Still suffering from insomnia-guessing the steroid shots from last week aren’t helping, but made it through the day!!



10 thoughts on “Monday motivation!!”

      1. I am so sorry, Michelle, that’s a lot.

        I’ve used a couple of different brands. You know I love my chocolate, so the one I use the most is Good Day Chocolate Sleep. I usually only do 2 mg (2 pieces). I’ve also used Dream from FX Chocolate which is 3 mg + 100 mg 5-HTP. I’ve also used Source Naturals Melatonin which is 3 mg & just a regular pill).

        I’d tried melatonin in the past when traveling & didn’t find it effective either. I don’t know if it’s just a placebo effect but I do find it helpful. Of course I often also do yoga before bed, some breath work & meditation.

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