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Tuesday thoughts

We’ve got some crazy weather blowing over, so I’m anticipating a migraine. Decided to take a rest day, so my daily plank is all I’ve got today. And we had bacon (my favorite) and eggs for dinner…and it was so yummy I forgot to take a picture.

Then I received this beautiful comment on my Facebook page. It truly warmed my heart.

It’s the simple things, right? How was your day? Any crazy weather where you live?



13 thoughts on “Tuesday thoughts”

  1. Well, here’s to the migraine blowing over without stopping in FL.

    Did you have to make the bacon and eggs? Or did you get to have the “night off”?

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    1. Thanks!! Fingers crossed i don’t get a migraine.
      A few times a month I’ll make breakfast for dinner, or “binner” as we call it. I have a passion for bacon. Lol!! Plus it’s an easy weeknight meal when my husband and I are both having to commute to work.

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      1. We do breakfast for dinner occasionally as well… It’s a good pick for sure, especially when you want something easy to make.

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  2. I hope your migraine passed. I also have this problem a couple of days every month since I was a kid.
    The daily plank is a good way to stay in shape.
    Here the weather is hot ….. cannot wait for a bit of rain!

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