moving forward

It’s my birthday!!!

I normally dread birthdays. I’ve not been a big fan of aging and all that comes with it. Weight gain, mood swings, hair loss, aches and pains, and everything in between. But after losing my Sammy last year-I’ve decided to start celebrating life a little more vs. dreading it. Here’s to my 47th trip around the sun!!!

A year ago today…man I miss him.



47 years young!!

25 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday! I’ve always embraced my age — so far, anyway. In a couple of years I’ll be the big 6-0, so we’ll see how I feel about that but I imagine I’ll be ok with it. There’s a benefit to being the baby of the family.

    I know how hard it was for you to lose Sammy, but at least something good came out of that. Embracing who you are, and where you are — always a good thing.

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