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Not a Senior, yet…

So this past weekend I took my daughter to see the movie, “Where did you go, Bernadette?” While purchasing our tickets, I asked the man behind the counter for two tickets for the movie. He looked at me and asked, “One Senior, and one Adult?” I looked behind me for said senior, and I asked him to repeat himself. He said again, “One Senior, and one Adult?” I was taken aback (I am only 46 years old), and said, “I’m not Senior!!” “Oh,” he said…and quickly printed off two tickets.


With tears in my eyes, my daughter I walked in to the theater. She could see I was upset, and wrapped her arms around me. “Let’s go find a manager,” she quickly exclaimed. “No, no, honey,” its fine I said…”I’m not going to a manager just because I have hurt feelings.”


We went and got our snacks and drinks and headed in to the movie. I was still visibly upset, but tried to brush it off and watch the movie. The movie was perfect for what I was feeling, as Bernadette struggled with losing herself to her family vs. her creativity and it really hit home for me. I think most middle aged women have dealt with losing themselves in one way or another, and being a full time working Mom/wife I know I’ve lost a lot of the “fun” and “creative” sides of myself.

That being said, I’ve decided to make more time for myself and the things I love (this blog being one of them!!) and with our rainy summer months drawing to an end come September, my goal is to ramp up my running/walking with the aid of the wonderful supplements I take, Novo Renew. These supplements are all natural, and have a money back guarantee. Click this link to give them a try.

While I may be middle aged, I am not even close to being a senior, nor do I feel like despite my age creeping up on me. I wish people would really think about things they say before saying them, and while I may have been a Senior to that (probably yet don’t want to assume HAHA) high school student, him saying so sure didn’t make me feel very good.


Has anyone ever said anything so thoughtless to you? How did you respond? How do you manage “real life” and still doing the things you love?




32 thoughts on “Not a Senior, yet…”

  1. Sorry this happened, and you are young by the way! Is it possible that the kid behind the counter was trying to save you some money by selling you a discounted senior ticket?


  2. Michelle you do not look like a senior at all! And some people of a ‘senior’ age look bloody brilliant! 🙂
    I’m sure it was just a silly mistake and they felt like an idiot after!

    A few times at work, I’ve been referred to by customers as ‘the big girl’, excuse me, I have a name!
    A old work collegue asked me to help him move his desk, he said I could help him because I looked ‘butch’.
    I’m a uk size 14-16, I have a but of a tummy, and broad shoulder, but i do have an hour glass figure, and am 5’7 so having legs, but I’m in proportion, and wouldnt call myself big or butch. When I gear comments like that, it can really hurt and upset me, but then I think it’s just their point if view, and it doesn’t mean anything to me.
    It is difficult though when you hear a comment and take it as an insult, because that’s what it sounds like x

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  3. You certainly don’t look like a senior to me! Don’t let a young person who does not realize what age means upset you. I don’t judge age well with people. I remember when I was 19 or 20 I went to get some pizza with my daughter and the guy behind the counter called me “mam” I looked around and said mam? how about miss? am I so old I am a mam? he looked truly puzzled at how upset he had made me… people don’t realize words have power.

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  4. You don’t at all look like a senior. Not sure what he was smoking (or maybe trying to get on your good side with a discount?).

    When we ended up at the park for our hike, they asked if we were 62 or older (nope), cause then you get in free. We’re close enough that I wish we could’ve claimed that we were, but alas, still not the case! I’m looking forward to some discounts in a few years. 🙂

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  5. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Most teenagers do a very poor job at looking at people and guessing their age. When I was a teen, I thought anyone over 40 was ancient. If you want to hear something crazy, my friend’s teenage son was given the senior discount at McDonald’s not that long ago! The employee didn’t even ask–my friend’s son noticed it on the receipt! Another case of poor judgment.

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  6. Not that long ago, I was checking out at a store and noticed packages of cookies on the counter. Not looking like I was going to buy any, the cashier said, “Aren’t you going to get some of those for your grandchildren?”

    While I am technically old enough to have grandchildren, she kind of caught me off guard by asking.

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  7. You don’t even look like you are in your 40’s. I can’t think of anyone being outright rude about my age or size, etc but I am baffled by all of these ‘over 40’ posts. What you should wear, eat, say etc over 40. Who cares? I don’t understand the preoccupation with getting over 40.

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      1. I don’t understand the stigma of being 40. I started living my life when I was 40. Left an abusive husband. Started from nothing with 3 teenagers, a dog and a plant. Started a new career. Kids grew up and are all working and good parents to my 9 grandchildren. I met and married a good man. Life is good. And I am now over 60😊

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