moving forward

Making a comeback, slowly

Guys!!! I’m so excited!!! I received my business cards for @novorenew today!!! If you’re interested in some amazing all natural replacements for joint health and muscle recovery, please-Check these out. I’ve been using them since February and my knees, ITB and shoulders have never felt better. My Dad is a perfect example that this stuff is amazing. He’s had two hip replacements as well as a knee replacement and has been off ibuprofen and Tylenol since March! The proof is in the pudding for sure! Make sure to use my discount code Michelle25 to save!! Here is the LINK to my site for Novorenew


Next week I am going to get back at it, with both working out and healthy eating. I’ve gone a little off the deep end, and those five lbs. won’t magically melt off…LOL

What have you been up to lately? Tell me something good!




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