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Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately. I have made a conscious effort to unplug more on the weekends and my work week has been crazy so far. Add in my daughter’s rehearsal every day after school for her play tomorrow, and I’m just a little tired. Here’s a few photos from last weekend and this week.

Lots of sun and fun over the weekend!!

And my run last night went well…I even had a cheerleader (notice the gator in the background)…and my speed is getting better and legs and knees feeling great thanks to Novo Renew (use code Michelle25 at checkout to save!).

How was your weekend? Do you try and unplug from time to time? Scariest creature seen on your run?



20 thoughts on “Hey!!”

  1. Hi Michelle. Yes, I have been making a conscious effort lately to spend less time on social media. While I love it, I feel it’s such a time waster sometimes. My scariest creature would be a snake 🐍. I’ve never seen a gator up close! Hope Sofia’s play goes great. Xoxo

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  2. I have been making a conscious effort to unplug as often as I can for a while now which probably makes me a terrible blogger 😦

    Be that as it may, though, there is much more to life than the drama and negativity I often find online.

    I am three days into taking Novo Renew and haven’t noticed a difference in my knees yet but I have had some persistent pain in my left elbow for a couple years that seems much better today than it has for a good while. In fact, I often wear a compression sleeve and left it at home today so I think that’s progress.

    I live in Louisiana so I see dangerous creatures every time I run. Copperheads most often but there was a 10 foot gator that hung out by the lake in my neighborhood for several weeks which caused me to carry a gun with me. Haven’t seen him in a while, thankfully.

    I have a four mile mud run with 19 obstacles on Saturday. Am hoping for a good Novo Renew report after.

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      1. I am confident it will help. My big problem though in all honesty is the damage I have done to my lungs as a 20+ year smoker. I am getting better but will never be where I could be because of that.

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      2. I don’t believe in blaming someone or something else for my bad choices but I do think the AF had something to do with my smoking. Years ago it was the thing to do.

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  3. I guess a snake is the scariest creature I’ve seen on my run — but just a garden snake, so really not super scary to me (just the surprise of running across it). A gator would definitely make me scared! Maybe it would make me run faster, LOL.

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