moving forward

Blogging Hiatus

Hey gang,

In efforts to stick with my mantra of moving forward I’ve realized I also need to recognize toxic situations and when to separate myself from them. Ive learned that not everyone has my best interests at heart, and have decided my personal life needs to be kept a little more private. While I have loved sharing my running and life stories with you, along with some recipes I have created, for now I need to take a little break. I am not canceling or shutting my blog down, just stepping back for a bit to think about where I’d like to see this blog move in the future, if at all.

I shall return, I just am unsure of when or where…

Until then, CHEERS!!


12 thoughts on “Blogging Hiatus”

  1. I’ll definitely miss you more frequent posts, and look forward to the occasional updates as you sort out what direction you want to take your blog…

    I’ll be in downtown Chicago all next week (Columbus Plaza), and I always keep an eye out for any of my Chitown blogger friends while visiting. Let me know if you happen to be in the city. 🙂


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