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Weekly Wrap 10/31-11/6

Hey everyone!!  Last week was a bit of a blur and all for me, you know with the CUBS WINNING THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok, sorry…I was just so excited to see our Cubbies bring it home.  Sammy enjoyed the series as well. 🙂


Overall my week was pretty good. I did my best to stick with my winter goals and felt pretty successful in my first week.

Highlights were my five mile run on Sunday after a very long weekend at work and the Cubbies winning!  Even better, my hubby texted me during the game. He and his guys woke up at 2:30 am to watch!!



Lowlights were my mini fell and hit got a pretty good sized goose egg.  Thankfully the swelling has gone down and she’s feeling much better.


Also, I’m still planking daily.  I haven’t missed a day since May 1st.  This week’s longest was 7 minutes, for the 7th game of the series, naturally…LOL


I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly wrap!  Please head over and check out these awesome ladies!


What was your highlight/lowlight last week? Did you watch the World Series?

Have a great week!




25 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap 10/31-11/6”

  1. Your poor little! My oldest fell today and scraped her chin but she’s doing pretty good with it now. I love that you’ve been planking since May – very inspiring! Highlights is just getting back to more workouts in the last week.

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  2. Yay for the planks!! I wish I would have kept track when I started my planking….I’ve been doing those daily 2:30 planks forever (and several days LOL). The Cubs were awesome to watch. I’m not much of a baseball fan (at least via the tv), but the World Series is a given obligation.

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  3. Congrats to the Cubs! I didn’t actually watch the World Series as I had my husband keeping me informed as he watched. LOL. Seven minutes at planking is incredible as well as your streak since May 1st. It’s good to see you are enjoying some running too. Thanks for linking, Michelle.

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  4. Just so impressed with how long you can hold a plank! The longest I’ve done is 2 minutes, but that’s coming from dying at 30 seconds at first. So I do know where consistancy comes in to help you. But still not taking away anything you are amazing!


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