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It takes an Army

So I am sharing this from my Facebook, because I just couldn’t remain silent any more

On the eve of Veteran’s Day, I ask you to step back and think. Think of those who have fought for your freedoms, and remember that freedom isn’t free. Ultimately, IT TAKES AN ARMY (and the rest of the armed forces, naturally) to keep a country running smoothly. Not one person, not one race, not one religion, not one political party. IT TAKES AN ARMY.
So while everyone is out there bashing people’s choices and spreading hate, remember: You have chosen to feed in to the hate. You have chosen to move ahead angry and let the decisions of others dictate your actions. YOU.
One man or woman doesn’t get to decide how this country runs. So pray for the dedicated group of men and women that collectively keep our country running and see what you can do to make this country an even better place to live.
I chose to serve. For 20 years. My husband continues to serve and is deployed overseas. I simply cannot stand for all the disrespect on BOTH SIDES and am appalled and the riots and protests.
But I’ve still decided to keep positive. Pray for our leaders, both past and present that they will do what’s right for the people of this country I so proudly serve.
I’ve said my peace. #ittakesanarmy #youchoose
MSGT Michelle R. Dragoo, USAF (retired)


Happy Veteran’s Day to all the vets out there.  Your service is appreciate and honored.

31 thoughts on “It takes an Army”

  1. Thank you to you and your husband for your service to this nation, without people like you we would not have a nation. I have been shocked at the response of people and I’m still confused as to why they are reacting like this, but you are right we choose how we react to it. The decision of who the President is, my representatives, or the propostions that passed do not dictate who I am or how I act. God is still in control 🙂

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  2. The most sincere way to serve nation is to be in a armed forces. I completely agree with you that a free nation is made by the armed forces and the freedom of that free nation is also protected and ensured by the armed forces only.
    So people inside that country have to choose now, that how do they live their freedom and establish their society norms around it. Respecting Army and other forces no doubt must be unquestionable. Love the post and will pray for your husband for sure. Let peace and love be with you forever.


  3. Thanks, Michelle!!!!!

    You have eloquently voiced what I have been thinking. This past week (actually the entire presidential campaign) have been SO UGLY. Disgusting, actually. I love my freedom of speech as much as the next person, but using it to promote hate, rioting, and violence is not what our fore fathers had in mind when they drafted the Constitution.

    As a military spouse, I feel disrespected by the very Americans my husband devoted almost 32 years of his life serving and defending. I can only imagine what you and Brian are experiencing first-hand.

    Hugs to you, and sincere thanks to you for your service.


  4. I agree with everything you said! This election and the response afterward has been terrible. It’s actually been embarrassing. Hate, anger, arguing and fighting will never solve or help anything!
    Thank you so much for your service to our country! ❤

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  5. I so hope that people will be smart and decide to do something creative instead of destructive. You are right! It’s up to everyone to make things better and work. Not just to one leader. And it’s for sure necessary to not just shut up and hide but also not go out there and spread hate and create chaos and pain. There are other ways. Better ways.

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