My absence 

Sorry for my absence. This deployment thing is no joke so thought I’d share my last FB post because it sums it up to a T. 

28 weeks…people ask how I do it…what it feels like to have your husband deployed for a year. I equate it to being on the beginning of a roller coaster as you start your incline…but you are facing backwards. You are going up…up..up…up…but you have no idea what is in front of you. The anxiety is at an all time high, but you have no idea how the ride will turn out. Every day, is that ride. My advice? Raise your hands up, take a deep breath, and screaaaaammmmm and laugh and embrace all that life gives you. #icandohardthings

With that, I’m still here. I’m just juggling a lot and doing what I can to keep it together for my kids. I’ve added a couple pics for fun!! We’re still Movin’ forward!!

How have y’all been?  Tell me something good!

12 thoughts on “My absence ”

  1. Your daughter looks amazing!

    There isn’t a lot of good in my life right now, but it’s always there when you look for it. I can pick Bandit up and carry him around now. We’ve been able to have a few pet sitters come in & meet him and mostly he’s just excited to meet them. So there’s that.


  2. I can’t even imagine. You are a strong momma!!! When I was typing out my typical day on my blog today I was like…you know what? at the end of it all I am so so blessed. Beyond what I deserve. I will pray for you and your sweet family! Social media will still be around. Family first!!! ❤

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  3. Hi!!!!

    Always in my thoughts!

    Look at your daughter….beautiful!

    4 min planks……girl!!!! Get it!!

    What’s good over here:
    -school and activities are in full swing
    -schedule getting back to normal
    -football team is 4-0
    -I am a triathlete 😉

    Keep trucking along! You are amazing !

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