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Thursday’s thoughts 

Holidays, birthdays, special days in general are tough for us. There’s no “stop time” button when it comes to deployment. So we keep on keeping on. Jordyn had piano lessons tonight and Sophia had ballet. (oh and the dog decided to roll in skunk pooh! Lol) I have to juggle all this with a full time job. So when Jordyn said let’s just grab Buona beef for dinner I was all about it. As we ate our meal, I noticed the couple at the table next to us. The man had a Vietnam veteran cap and veteran tee shirt on and I couldn’t help but to get tears in my eyes. I thought of my dad, Bob and my husband, Brian who selflessly serve our country. After our meal I walked over and put my hand on this man’s shoulder and outstretched my hand in thanks. He and his wife smiled from ear to ear as I thanked him for his service and explained that my Dad and husband have served. While our world is in a current state of crazy it felt so good to focus on thanks and giving back. So thank someone, remind people they make a difference and be the change you want to see in this world. #mytwocents

17 thoughts on “Thursday’s thoughts ”

  1. You’re so strong! You’ve got beautiful babies! I am proud to be your friend and you remind me it can be done! Hugs to you three beautiful ladies and even a skunky poop Sammy! Send my love to Brian! Xoxo from New Mexico!


  2. I love this! We live in such a “me, me, me” society these days, that it’s refreshing to take time to thank those who selflessly made the sacrifice to serve this great nation. With another deployment on the horizon in our household, this hits even closer to home. Blessings to you and your sweet family!

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  3. Awww, I bet you made that couple’s night!

    Sorry about the skunk. Thank God I’ve never had to deal with that (yet). Bandit tends to get diarrhea a couple of days AFTER we pick him up from boarding, so we’re not out of the woods yet, but I’m trying something new so I’m hopeful we won’t be dealing with that. We’ll see.

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