Have a little faith…

It’s been 20 weeks and 2 days since my hubby left. I am still brought back to our departure on days like today when it’s humid, dark, and stormy out. Sometimes in those dark times I struggle.  But sometimes those dark times test my faith to the 100th degree.  And that got me thinking…

I haven’t had a TON to blog about since he left. More so I haven’t had TIME to sit down and write thoughtful blogs.  But every now and then I am reminded about the power of prayer and faith so I just had to share a few thoughts.  Those of you that have been following this blog for a while know that I have been in the same profession for 25 years.  I work in a pathology lab, and it was job that was chosen for me by the Air Force.  While I have always enjoyed my profession, it is NOT my passion and I am NOT where I feel I am meant to be in life at this point in time.  What DOES keep me going at my job is my coworkers, but that is a whole new post filled with fun and laughter because this group is AHMAZING.  I digress…

Over the last several years I began to really pray.  PRAY.  And  then I pray some more that God would lead me on the right path and help me find a job I am more passionate about, and one that will provide a better life for my kids.

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And with those prayers, have come phone calls from recruiters, emails, and opportunities that while may have not yet been the RIGHT one, have been presented to me non-the-less. The last opportunity came to me a few months ago and I’ll admit, I was pretty excited about it. Just one day prior I had said some pretty desperate prayers, and the very next day I got a call from a recruiter. Several days later I interviewed, and although I felt I did a great job interviewing I realized that I had to trust my gut in regards to the negative vibe that I was feeling and decided to pass on the job.  I am very happy where I am despite bad pay and working weekends/holidays and I won’t trade that for negative surroundings. The opportunity gave me restored faith, and the will to keep praying.

So I’ve been praying continually, sometimes about my career situation and often times about other aspects of my life. I pray for my kids happiness, my patience (thank goodness for wine), my husband’s safety, my family’s well-being and honestly just to keep the faith.  Because I do believe whole heartedly I am destined for more in life than where I am at now, all while remembering that I am content with all that I have as well.

Yesterday I prayed out loud while driving home for work. I said the words, “I have faith.” I talked to God in detail, and told Him I would trust His plan.  See, my “church” is often my daily commute.  ❤

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Today, I got a call that could potentially change our lives…and even if it doesn’t-that call gave me renewed faith. Pretty cool how that works…

Do you believe in the power of prayer to a higher power?

How do you keep the faith during tough times?




26 Comments on “Have a little faith…

  1. I do believe in prayer. I also believe things happen for a reason, although it can be very difficult to figure out what that reason was when you’re in the midst of difficult times.

    I really hope that something great comes through for you — you deserve it!


    • Thanks, Judy. I’ll admit I was a bit frustrated with the last call I got, only for it turn around and be a negative situation. I am hoping that was just an event to help me appreciate what I have where I am at!

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  2. It seems like absolutely the right choice not to trade your great coworkers for a negative situation. This new opportunity sounds exciting!

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  3. I am not religious, however I am spiritual and I do believe in the power of prayer. I hope things work out just the way you want them to and you find a line of work your are passionate about.

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  4. Yes, I totally agree in the power of prayer and know that when I learn to give it over to God, and trust Him, he has my back. It’s when I move forward in my own strength and will that I have difficulties. Being a single parent and person, I feel like I have to do it all myself. And while I am responsible for that, I need to constantly remind myself to have faith and rest in His goodness and strength. I pray for good things for you Michelle. ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Great post. I admire your faith. I’m having mixed results regarding my job prospects, and it’s depressing. For some reason I can’t seem to have faith when I appear to be struggling. Thanks for this wonderful post! Miss E.

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  6. Oh I most definitely believe in prayer! I found peace in reading this post because I’ve been in the same career for eleven years (much like too, I enjoy it but it’s not my passion at all) but keep feeling a pull on my life to continue personal training. But, that profession is not so easily made! It’s been tough. So I’m still at the pharmacy earning that paycheck and insurance…keep praying steady.

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  7. The mantra, “Jesus, I trust in You,” keeps me going through difficult times. I just keep saying it over and over again. It helps me to remember ultimately, everything is His plan unfolding in my life. He’s got my back, even if I don’t recognize it all the time!


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