Sunday Supper

First off, a huge thanks to those of you who commented on my last post. It truly touched my heart, and gave me a renewed faith that what I am doing here isn’t for not.

So after a fun filled day in Chicago yesterday celebrating my oldest daughter’s upcoming 16th birthday on Tuesday, I sharpened my knives and decided to dive in to making a yummy, healthy, yet EASY dinner for my family.

Yup...these people.  We even got to have my niece over for the entire weekend which was awesome!
Yup…these people. We even got to have my niece over for the entire weekend which was awesome!

My husband picked up this yummy aged sirloin steak yesterday while were in Chicago at Eataly, (one of my ALL TIME favorite grocery-ish type stores…like EVER) and grilled it on our BBQ grill.

Sea salt and pepper is all you  need on a cut of meat like this one!
Sea salt and pepper is all you need on a cut of meat like this one!

I was in charge of the side dishes, so I decided to tweak by Brussels sprout recipe just a touch, and make sweet potato “chips” as my second side.  You can find the recipe for the sweet potato chips HERE!

For the Brussels sprouts, here’s what you’ll need:

3 cups of Brussels sprouts, cleaned and cut the end core off. I halve mine to shorten the cooking time. This is totally optional.

2 strips of thick cut bacon, halved long ways, and then cubed.

2 shallots, thinly sliced

2 tablespoons of brown sugar, halved

Kosher salt and pepper to taste, and a dash of cayenne pepper.

2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil


In a non-stick pan add 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and heat to medium high heat.  Add in your bacon and shallots and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and let caramelize.  This takes about 10-12 minutes.  Next, add your Brussels sprouts, and seasonings and sauté for 10 minutes ensuring NOT to overcook.  You still want a bite to your Brussels!  In the last 2-3 minutes add your remaining brown sugar, mix well, and taste for proper seasoning.

Dinner is served!

We served this with a hearty yet lighter Pinot Noir.  Delish!
We served this with a hearty yet lighter Pinot Noir. Delish!

Next week I plan on tackling my inner “you can’t do this anymore because you haven’t been running other than on the dreadmill” demon and head outside for some much needed miles.  I don’t always have to be training for a marathon to be a runner, and I’ve accepted the fact that I just don’t WANT to make the time to train for a full marathon, either.  I have a family that needs me more, and to dedicate countless hours each week is just simply unfair.  It’s put a damper on so many areas in my life, so for now I’ll stick to the half marathon distance and shorter.

I’ve also realized that when you aren’t running, your “running friends” sort of fall by the way side.  And this makes me very sad.  I had a nice little cry to today knowing it was the day of the Fox Valley Marathon (my favorite local race) but I had other obligations.  I miss those friends, but they are still out there all running together or in groups…and I…well…am not.  It stings a little.  I won’t lie.  But that’s just part of the circle of life…right? 😦

So with my mantra of #keepmovinforward I plan on putting my time and effort in things that bring joy to my life. Being that friend that everyone can bring their problems too, yet I can’t come to with MY problems is less than joyful to say the least.  So here we go…upwards and onwards.

What’s been on your plate these days?  Do you find you have “fair weather” friends at times?  Do you have any fall races coming up?

Thanks again everyone! Have a wonderful week!

❤ Michelle

28 Comments on “Sunday Supper

  1. Dinner looked amazing! Happiest of birthdays to my sweet J. I think you’re doing great, and remember you’ve got many friends (me! Always here!) focus on those around you and you can’t go wrong! Love you girl!

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  2. Umm….your dinner is making me hungry now!!!! It’s hard watching others run local races, I too felt that way when I was suppose to run my half a few weeks ago. My motto is “we can do it all” 🙂

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  3. That dinner looks like something you could get at a restaurant…yum! Happy bday to your daughter:) I don’t have many running friends so I don’t ever feel like that. However, when I see people on social media at races that I want to run, I get jealous.

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  4. Looks like a great supper! Don’t get down on yourself… sometimes running can be an addiction (albeit a “healthy” one), and it can take us away from other things that we need in our lives. You’ve accomplished so much by completing your races, you deserve some time away from competing! There’s nothing wrong with hanging up the medals and running for fun. I say embrace run-tirement! 🙂

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  5. We always have these struggles and I am finding that juggling life’s balls (hahaha….I said balls!!) can be overwhelming! But I have found solace in a few things when I decided I had to scale back a little….
    My family is happy and we spend more time together.

    I have learned to manage my time better to get some “me” time (and not feel guilty).

    And…if your friends are really your friends…they’ll understand and wait for you when you are able to join again!

    Hang in there, Mama! We are here for you!!

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  6. I agree! Isn’t Eataly wonderful?! go to NYC often and visit Eataly every time! And a dry-aged steak – wow!! I actually ordered a 21-day dry aged porterhouse from our local butcher for pick up on Oct 3rd – I’ll be sharing that recipe on 10/16 – your brussels are delightful! 🙂 🙂

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  7. After the way this marathon has taken over my life–and I’m exhausted–I’ve decided that any marathons from here on out are going to be just for fun and the finish line. The pressure is off! I’m with you. Halfs are the way to go.

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  8. Yummy to the dinner! (Except for the brussel sprouts – I’ve never been a fan of those) I love hearing about how your off-time from running has really made you enjoy life so much more. Running shouldn’t cause you more stress. Marathon training really takes a lot out of us and I’m realizing too that I need a break once this next one is done. I don’t even have all the obligations you have either! I don’t know how you moms do it, but I admire all the dedication you have to your family, your passions, and your fitness 😀 Keep it up, Michelle!

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  9. I make those brussel sprouts all of the time. They are amazing. The one think I do like to add is balsamic vinegar! Try throwing a splash in there or making a reduction and drizzling it over at the end….OMG, so yummy!

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