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Tuesday Truths…

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know of my love hate relationship with the Treadmill.  While yes, I am truly thankful I’ve had it for yet another winter in Chiberia, 99.9% of my runs on the ‘mill have been downright painful.  But I won’t keep playing that broken record, because in all honesty I am tired of that tune as well.

Sorry y'
Sorry y’all…lol

So tonight, as I walked out of work I had a well devised plan to pick up my youngest from after school care, my oldest from Badminton practice, and get home to change clothes QUICK and run outside.  The temps were darn near perfect with the sun peaking through the fog and temps at a balmy 52 degrees.  SCORE.  And even though my hour commute home between the drive home from work and kid taxi’ing had a temperature drop – I was RUNNING OUTSIDE darn it.

A little sun would have made these conditions PERFECT!!!!
A little sun would have made these conditions PERFECT!!!!

And so I did…I laced up my shoes, stepped out of the front door, and abruptly stopped.  I hadn’t run OUTSIDE in nearly 4 months.  Would I remember how to do this?  I wasn’t sure…

The first mile was tough.  My ankles hurt, my heels felt weird, darn it was my right shin acting up?  I had to smack myself to shut up and I made my way around my neighborhood loop I have mapped out.  The first mile was clocked in at a 9:06 mm.  I stopped briefly to check my phone as I thought I heard it beep and wanted to make sure the kiddos were ok.  As I turned I saw my hubby driving past me on his way home and he cheered me on.  It was just what I needed!!  The second and third mile were nearly effortless and I felt my legs get an extra spring in their step as I took off…It was just me, my music, my hood, and my miles…and suddenly I was reminded why I do this.  Why I take so much time out of my life to train…because I LOVE the feeling you get when you are no longer running, and you begin to fly.  My splits were 9:06, 9:11, 8:50 and 8:38 for the last tic.  I feel like a new woman, honestly.


Today at work everyone kept asking me why I was smiling even more than I usually do…and I just smiled some more.

“I am running outside, tonight,” I said.

But I didn’t really run…I flew.  And my soul is truly in a better place.

My take away is that although yes, my treadmill runs were tough this winter I truly believe they made me a stronger runner mentally.  While I’ve always taken pride in my mental strength when it comes to distance running, that strength was tested over the last several months.

And I am happy to report…I passed!

How did you deal with less than optimal conditions when it comes to running?  What is your favorite temperature to run in?

Thanks, y’all!

❤ Michelle

30 thoughts on “Tuesday Truths…”

  1. Yey!! So excited for you! I hope that is me sometime soon! I’ll be doing my first run outside on saturday for Rock N Roll DC…in the pouring rain. Not really what I had in mind for my first run back outside, but I guess I have to take it!


  2. Yay,! Running outside is the best 🙂 isn’t it funny how a simple run can make us so happy.? 🙂
    oh and I haven’t ran on a treadmill at all this winter… we are spoiled here in the West Coast. 40s and 50s is the best to run in


  3. My favorite temps are when it’s about 50-60 outside. I can run in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt and be comfortable, and I can go 5 miles or so and not have to worry about carrying or stashing water anywhere. Glad you made it outside…and today looks even better!

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  4. Ohhhhh look who got to do an outdoor run and the $$ million dollar $$ smile to show it. So happy for you michelle! xoxo


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