Support 2 ways…

First off, as a caveat to my last post, I had it on my heart to post about something near and dear to me.
I don’t mean in just tough times, because I’ve found that for many it is almost easier to be there for someone when the times are tough and the dark lined cloud of gloom is looming over your head for what seems like eternity…You know those times…Right?
Yup…we all do. 
But what I’ve found is how hard it can be to support others in CELEBRATING their triumphs when you yourself have the impeding cloud of doom following you.  Jealousy can set in, and being able to be happy for other’s success is well…hard to do sometimes. 
I caught myself recently fighting the demon of jealousy to the death as I was SO tired of feeling that way.  Someone else will always have more money, be taller, be smarter, have a more glamourous car/home, be able to take vacations, you name it!
No more!
No more!
SO. freaking’. WHAT I say to you, dark demon of jealousy that causes the impeding cloud of doom to follow me.  BE GONE I say.  BE GONE.
I have a pretty darn good life.  Despite debt and student loans I’ll be paying until I die, the rest of my life is pretty amazing. 
So in the future, my goal with movin’ forward is to celebrate my friends and family member’s joy, and let that nasty cloud rain on someone else’s parade!
Secondly, I’ll be doing my AB challenge again to start the new year off and build a strong core/support for my body as full blown marathon training starts mid February! 
2nd Annual AB challenge!
2nd Annual AB challenge!
Who’s with me?
❤ Michelle

24 thoughts on “Support 2 ways…”

  1. Meeeeee! I’m in! And I will always support you. As I have for 13 years! You rock and I’m always here. Through…it…all.
    Love you! Bring on the ab challenge!

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  2. As always, I will support you from the wings – cheering you on every step of the way…As for the dark forces that everyone of us have… The answer is to know we have them, accept that from time to time they will rear their ugly head – and do our best to not let them do any harm – to ourselves and to others. ♥ Love to you…

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  3. I truly believe that each of us has out own ‘stuff’. Maybe it’s not apparent, but life is a great equalizer. You know I had that encounter with the cat in the gym, and at that same time, there was a guy on the Stairmaster fighting freaking leukemia. Someone has more in one regard, but less in another, it all balances out, Life is what WE MAKE it. Yes, some will not be supportive, but so many others will. I’m glad you know this. Hang in there! : )

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  4. Marcia is right. Everyone has their own “stuff”. When someone posts how awesome their life is going, they are probably only posting the good stuff. Not many people are as honest and open to share ALL aspects of their life. If they did, we probably would never be jealous of them.


  5. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t feel a little envious from time to time. I know I’ve battled with it a lot in the past and I see one of my sons struggle with it on an almost daily basis. But I’ve come to learn that my life is actually not that bad and material trappings don’t mean happiness. All that really counts in this world is that you have people who love you – they’re the real riches in life.

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  6. I really need to do an ab challenge (again), but am also thinking about doing a no-sugar challenge and trying to do two at once might send me over the edge.

    What marathon are you going to start training for?


      1. I’m impressed–tried eliminating practically all sugar in Spring 2014 and it was too difficult for me.

        My running buddy was trying to convince me to make Grandma’s my goal race in 2015. It looks like a fantastic event.

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