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The rebirth of so many things…Weekend wrap up!

I have had, the BEST weekend, nearly EVER. Ok, that is exaggerating…but this weekend truly was stellar. And in being a part of this amazing weekend, I was reminded of how far I’ve come in life.

Friday night was spent with my family and friends watching our good friend’s son perform in his last high school performance of “Guys and Dolls.” We’ve watched him grow from a young sophomore, to a well seasoned senior that literally stole the show. I was in awe of his talent, and seeing him come out to greet the audience waiting to cheer on the performers yet having him zero in on my 7 year old holding a single rose to congratulate him made me swallow a huge lump in my throat. The adults spent the remainder of the evening huddled around a fire drinking wine and talking and I thanked my lucky stars for all the amazing people I’ve met since retiring from the Air Force.

As posted in my previous blog, I got my long run done on Saturday, and it was a really great run. We were lucky enough to spend the evening with friends again Saturday night, and I went to bed happy. The Easter baskets were set out, eggs hidden, and my alarm set for church.

I woke up to my husband snuggling with me, and my 7 year old crawling in to bed to wish us a Happy Easter. Can you get a better start to a day? I don’t think so…My husband was even so sweet to surprise me with an Easter card that held an ITunes gift card…he knows me too well.
We went to church, saw my RBF and her family, and I felt so blessed with such an amazing service while being surrounded by my family and friends.
We went out for breakfast, and came home for our annual at home Easter Egg hunt, and spent the rest of the day outside. I truly felt reborn having spent the weekend with some of my favorite people, running, and catching some much needed Vitamin D.

My youngest!
My youngest!
My beauty
My beauty




We grilled out tonight, and my hubby made some amazing steaks. I only had a small portion, but it was yummy! I did make a delicious roasted carrot, red pepper and onion mash that was off the chain! Holler if you want the recipe!

Grilled steak with chimichurri, roasted carrot, red pepper and onion mash and good ole corn on the cob!
Grilled steak with chimichurri, roasted carrot, red pepper and onion mash and good ole corn on the cob!

I’ve learned a lot since retiring from the Air Force…stripes, race times, money, PR’s, NONE of that validates who I am. Nope…I validate ME. I let others dictate my happiness for far too long…It feels good to take control. And as always, KEEP MOVIN’FORWARD.

8 thoughts on “The rebirth of so many things…Weekend wrap up!”

  1. Snuggling all together on the bed sounds like the perfect way to start the day. It made me wonder whether our bed could hold the combined weight of our three adult sons.


  2. Love this post!! What an amazing weekend!! Fun too!!
    I would love your veggie mash recipe 🙂

    Happy Wednesday!
    Sara :)💗


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