52 days and counting…


52 days left until I battle the trails to finish my second FULL marathon. 

I swore I’d never toe the line for another 26.2 miles. 


Training is hard.  It hurts.  It truly is time consuming for someone who has more on her plate than I can often juggle, even on a good day. 

I see others posting 100 mile months, thinking there is NO way I could do that…yet in July I accomplished 127 miles, some of which were biking, but the majority were on my feet.  And for those that say biking miles are easy?  Well, they’ve never biked on my trails.  Miles, are MILES. 

I used to think I didn’t have support…and this mental challenge made training tough.  But as of late my support wagon has filled, and I feel so very blessed. 

I work 2 jobs, although my second job of teaching gave me a little break this summer.  But summer is ending, and I will have to juggle my 2 jobs, and training, as well as taking care of my family…

I can’t turn back now…I achieved 16.12 miles on Thursday…just 10.1 miles to go…right?

My training will have to suffer this week in mileage, because my family ALWAYS comes first and we will be spending the weekend downtown.  My youngest turns 7 years old on Monday, and I can’t wait to celebrate her life this weekend. 

52 more days…

This leads me to answer the question of WHY I chose to train all summer again….in the heat, humidity, with crazy hills, miles, and sweat. 

And it all comes down to my family, friends, and ME.    

I run to be a better ME; a better Mom, a better wife, and a better friend.  Because when I run, I run for me, but the result of every mile achieved shows me that I am more than any life stressor…because I push through…I feel the pain, but I don’t let it win.  What an awesome life lesson. 

I could roll over in bed and say NO.  I could come home from work after a craptastic day and just say, “screw it” and close my eyes. 

But I don’t. 

I run, and I give every run my heart and soul. 

I was running this past Thursday my long run of 16 miles…at the 12 mile mark it truly started to hurt.  But I ran with a friend, and she got me through one of my toughest training runs this year. 

Isn’t that what life is all about?  Helping, supporting, and inspiring others. 
14 mile training run, 2 weeks ago.  Love this group!

Yup…52 more days…and I hope and pray these months of heartfelt training pay off.  I don’t care to BQ…I just want to achieve my goal of sub 5 hour marathon.  I want to feel that sheer bliss of seeing the finish line.  I want to run, and race strong.  I want to say, “I DID it, and I did it strong.”  I don’t want to shuffle my last 7-8 miles. 

I want to run. 

26.2 here I come. 


5 thoughts on “52 days and counting…”

  1. Michelle, this is a great post and when those moments begin to creep in..you know the ones…make a mental note right now to go back and read THIS POST because this is where its at. This is your focus. You've got this. Faith. Focus. Finish! *hugs*


  2. We're a crazy bunch, aren't we. We know that it's hard – the training, the racing, the pain, all of it – but we keep coming back for more because something inside us knows that persisting and achieving our goals is what makes us better people.


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