Five things, Friday…

Five things, Friday?


1.     I got confirmation that I will start my new job on Wednesday, May 1st.  I would be lying if I said I will miss my tiny week of respite…but it was glorious and short lived all at once.  Most of my friends are stay at home Moms and I have to fight off the jealousy fairy daily.  It’s been so wonderful picking my kids up early, cooking dinner, and having a clean home. 

2.    I was able to have lunch with my sister today.  What a blessing after being apart for over 20 years to just meet up for lunch.  We chatted over yummy salad and soup, and even indulged on ice-cream.  Yeah…I paid for it later.  LOL.  But talking with her, made me realize no one truly knows your struggles.  They see you in a duel income family and think you must be rolling in the loot…sadly far from it, because we all have our own struggles and bills.  I can only hope ONE day to catch up. 

3.    I picked up my youngest from daycare nearly as soon as she was dropped off…I wanted to take her to see the owl I have been watching all week and be able to share this lovely piece of nature with her.  She loved it, and it made my heart sing to see her so happy because I was able to pick her up early.  I’ve sadly missed out on so much of my kids’ lives working so many hours…

4.    My husband is a gamer.  Yup…full-fledged nerd status and most evenings he is playing his “tank blow em up game” and I am left to my computer screen.  Tonight he spent the evening with me listening to music and playing words with friends.  Just what I needed…

5.    I teach tomorrow at my second job, and I admittedly always get nervous before a class.  But what I have learned in this teaching gig, is that I have learned so much FROM my students…and it fills my heart with joy. 

Last thought is this…We are given ONE life.  One chance…One GO to make this life count.  I have decided at the age of 40 that I am not going to quit.  Not going to give up.  And not going to let all the outlying factors in life get to me.  There are people out there that can make a negative out of a positive situation more times than not.  I will NOT be one of those people.  More so, I will NOT allow those people the ability to steal my joy.  Ultimately I give the glory to God, and HIS ability to keep me moving forward. 

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