4-22; A tribute to Boston!

I haven’t been able to run very much this past week.  My mind wasn’t in the game, nor were my legs.  The 8 miles I logged last week were painful, and more so took their toll on my heart.  I began to wonder if I had lost my love for the run to fear. 

And I hated it.

Who was I becoming?  Where did that feisty fire starter go?  She’s in there somewhere, dammit. 

Today, was my first day HOME as I am in between jobs.  I haven’t ‘not’ set my alarm for a Monday morning since I retired from the Air Force 2 years ago.  And I honestly didn’t know how to digest this first day of unemployment.  My new job starts in a couple weeks, sure…but today, I was without a job. 

So I slept in…I gave myself that gift, for between working two jobs, kids, church, and training, sleeping in is a luxury I rarely get.  Keep in mind, I used to sleep in EVERY weekend, more so just to shut my eyes off to the world.  I didn’t want to ‘be’…I wanted to sleep, to forget, to NOT think.  Yet the day came that I started to hate myself.  Hate the fact that I ignored where I needed to be and instead slept away my life. 

It’s time…time to find myself, and to love ME again. 

I charged up my camera, took a nice hot shower ALL by myself without kids needing me, and I set out for a day on the river.  Just me, some snacks, and my camera. 

And wow…what did I find. 

This beautiful baby owl…

These flowers…

And so much more. 
bath time
My favorite trail, thankfully above water at this point

Why on earth did I want to close my eyes, to THIS?

My day ended to a beautiful run to tribute the Boston Marathon.  I was in the presence of Boston Marathoners, and I felt like a little kid on Hollywood boulevard.   These runners are MY hero’s…
Boston Marathoners!

I ran a simple 2.62 miles…and I did it without music or distraction.  I got to meet Karen from “Trading in my Heels” and she is such a light that I couldn’t help but to smile. 

I found a part of ME again today, through this tragedy, and through some pretty amazing people. 

13 thoughts on “4-22; A tribute to Boston!”

  1. I'm not kidding when I say this, you are even sweeter and prettier in person. I SOOOOOO wanted to use your picture on my blog today, but I didn't want to take it without asking. I'm so glad we got to meet and I look forward to running with you!!!


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