Weekend wrap up, and thoughts.

I used to dread more moments than I appreciated.  I used to come home from work, needing to close my eyes and forget life.  Yet now I have a new journey and a newfound love for life.  This week, admittedly, I dreaded running just a bit-because my knee has been bothering me more than I care to admit.  I logged 13 miles this week, so although not uber, it’s not shabby either. 

So instead of wishing for more, I made the most of my weekend.  I worked yesterday until about 1 pm, and then came home and helped with yard work during the afternoon.  It was such a blessing to see my youngest pitch in and help.  My oldest daughter went to her friend’s house for a sleepover, so we decided to take our youngest out to eat. 

We took the top down on the Jeep, and sang at the top of our lungs…we ate sushi (our favorite) and we just WERE.  We didn’t wish for breaks, vacations, or anything…we just appreciated the time we had together.  We spent the weekend just ‘being’ us, and it was awesome.  Words with friends, fires, and friends…Tony Bennett sang in the background ALL weekend, and my house truly was a home this weekend. 

I am truly blessed to be married to my best friend.  We drive each other nuts, and we love each other all that much more.  He seems to know just when I need someone and takes that extra effort to spend time with me. 

I started to get jealous after reading Facebook and all my friends who seem to have running partners or groups they regularly run with each week…I started…and then I stopped.  I run for ME, and it’s MY thing…I don’t need a partner to keep me going, although the motivation would have been welcomed this weekend.  I overslept for church AND my run this morning, yeah…uber fail.  Those blankets and pillows just seemed to suck me in today…lol.  I made myself stretch my legs on the dreadmill tonight, although for only a mile and half.  I will get my miles in on the trails tomorrow morning. 

This coming week we start our P90X journey, and tonight I prepped our meals for tomorrow.  This could be said to be a chore, but making healthy choices for my family is what means the most to me…I need to drop these last 10 lbs that have been hanging on for dear life since my marathon training last year. 

Lastly…I have learned patience this week.  Many will test us, some will try to rain on our parade, and several will only find the negatives in life.

I can no longer be bothered with the above said people.  I will continue to smile, continue to strive for more, and always keep moving forward.  After a while, you realize you can’t get blood from a turnip, and that you just have to stop trying. 

My own garden will be planted, and the weeds will be picked…you can either choose to be a flower, or a weed…what is your choice?  I choose to be a flower. 

6 Comments on “Weekend wrap up, and thoughts.

  1. I thought you have a running group? I have seen a lot of pictures of runs you have done with others. I agree negative people don't have a place in my life. 🙂


  2. I am loving your attitude and life lately! Well deserved. Sounds like it was an uber weekend ;)Keep it going girl. Btw, I had less then 15 miles this past week too. And 10 the week before. Time to lace up them shoes, lol.


  3. Thanks Stacey. My mileage has been quite low due to my knee. I try to keep shorter runs less frequent and do cross training instead. Helps my knee hang on for those longer runs.


  4. A beautifully motivational post, thank you. Whilst there is still an inner sense of not being perfect there is a calm and serenity coming from you and a great sense of being and living and loving those around you that mean the most to you and I see that as perfect xx


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