The day after…6 miles for Boston

The day after…

Today was hard.  I haven’t slept well in 3 days, yet I knew I couldn’t pass up on the chance to run with friends tonight. 

So I didn’t pass it up…I woke up at 5 am.  I wore my running gear all mismatched to work. 

And I didn’t care what a single person said about me, my outfit, or my funk. 

I got home after 5, and was greeted by my husband who took over like a champ getting the kids dinner and homework done so I could go on my group run.  He knew I needed this, and despite a normal 10-12 hour day I changed into my running gear and met my awesome friends at my local running store for our group run.

My heart was heavy, and my legs turned out to be even heavier. 

But the night started out by coloring in children’s coloring books and singing old songs with friends.  How could I not smile?   Gotta love Dirty Dancing and reliving the memories, LOL.

I was fortunate enough to be “loaned” a pair of Newton’s to try out.  I can honestly say I didn’t care for them.  Go GO Brooks.   Felt honored to wear these “Mercedes” of running shoes that I could never afford.  LOL. 

We pinned on our Boston bibs, and set out for a six miler.  I was blessed to hear JJ’s story of his Boston race (his third I believe), and felt so fortunate to have him running with us.  He is a true inspiration. 

We ran, chatted, and moved along the trails with more effort than I care to admit.  I felt sluggish, tired, and guilty for these said feelings.  The hills (both up and down) hurt…but I ran in honor of those who suffered yesterday. 

I won’t post pics.  I will leave this post naked in the fact that the feelings felt are real, and although not everyone can understand, these said feelings leave a hole in my heart.  I am without words for those who try to steal joy from other’s lives…more so in this capacity.  Is nothing sacred anymore?

I hugged my friend Janel before I left the group run tonight.  She and I have bonded over the last few months, and we both hung on to each other a little tighter tonight.  We knew what the other was feeling, and we allowed ourselves that moment…that moment to feel the pain of lives lost, injured, and traumatized from yesterday’s tragedy.  I didn’t stop at that, and made sure to hug my Erin as well.  These two women have truly been there for me and I will count my blessings tonight. 

Hang on a little tighter tonight to those who have touched your lives.  Life.  Is.  Too.  Short.

Keep.  Movin’. Forward.   

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